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Agapostemon angelicus Cockerell, 1924
Angeles Striped Sweat Bee
Agapostemon fasciatus Crawford, 1901
Fasciate Striped Sweat Bee
Agapostemon femoratus Crawford, 1901
Wide-legged Striped Sweat Bee
Agapostemon obliquus (Provancher, 1888)
Oblique Striped Sweat Bee
Agapostemon sericeus (Forster, 1771)
Silky Striped Sweat Bee
Agapostemon splendens Lepeletier, 1841
Brown-winged Striped Sweat Bee
Agapostemon texanus Cresson, 1872
Texas Striped Sweat Bee
Agapostemon virescens (Fabricius, 1775)
Bicolored Striped Sweat Bee
Andrena accepta Viereck, 1916
Two-spotted Miner Bee
Andrena aculeata LaBerge, 1980
Spiny Miner Bee
Andrena algida Smith, 1853
Icy Miner Bee
Andrena aliciae Robertson, 1891
Yellow-faced Miner Bee
Andrena alleghaniensis Viereck, 1907
Appalachian Miner Bee
Andrena amphibola (Viereck, 1904)
Amphibious Miner Bee
Andrena angustifovea Viereck, 1904
Andrena angustifovea
Andrena asteris Robertson, 1891
Aster Miner Bee
Andrena banffensis Viereck, 1924
Banff Miner Bee
Andrena birtwelli Cockerell, 1901
Birtwell\\\'s Miner Bee
Andrena bradleyi Viereck, 1907
Bradley's Miner Bee
Andrena buckelli Viereck, 1924
Buckell's Miner Bee
Andrena canadensis Dalla Torre, 1896
Canadian Miner Bee
Andrena carolina Viereck, 1909
Carolina Miner bee
Andrena ceanothifloris cretata LaBerge, 1980
Ceanothus Flower Miner Bee
Andrena concinnula (Cockerell, 1898)
Cozy Miner Bee
Andrena cressonii cressonii Robertson, 1891
Cresson\'s Miner Bee
Andrena cressonii infasciata Lanham, 1949
Cresson\'s Infasciate Miner Bee
Andrena cyanura Cockerell, 1916
Cyanide Mining Bee
Andrena edwardsi Viereck, 1916
Edward&s Miner Bee
Andrena excellens Viereck, 1924
Excellent Miner Bee
Andrena fragilis Smith, 1853
Fragile Dogwood Mining Bee
Andrena frigida Smith, 1853
Frigid Miner Bee
Andrena fulgida LaBerge, 1980
Shiny Miner Bee
Andrena fulvicrista Viereck, 1924
Andrena fulvicrista
Andrena gibberis Viereck, 1924
Humpback Miner Bee
Andrena gordoni Ribble, 1974
Gordon's Miner Bee
Andrena hallii Dunning, 1898
Andrena hallii
Andrena haynesi Viereck and Cockerell ,1914
Haynes Mining Bee
Andrena helianthi Robertson, 1891
Sunflower Miner Bee
Andrena hemileuca Viereck, 1904
Partly-haired Miner Bee
Andrena hirsutula Cockerell, 1936
Hairy Miner Bee
Andrena ilicis Mitchell, 1960
Ilex Miner Bee
Andrena knuthiana Cockerell, 1901
Knuth\'s Miner Bee
Andrena krigiana Robertson, 1901
Krigia Miner Bee
Andrena laminibucca Viereck and Cockerell, 1914
Andrena laminibucca
Andrena lapponica Zetterstedt, 1838
Bilberry Miner Bee
Andrena lillooetensis Viereck, 1924
Lillooet Miner Bee
Andrena macoupinensis Robertson, 1900
Macoupin County Miner Bee
Andrena mandibularis Robertson, 1892
Toothed Miner Bee
Andrena mendica Mitchell, 1960
Andrena mendica
Andrena merriami Cockerell, 1901
Merriam\'s Miner Bee
Andrena milwaukeensis Graenicher, 1903
Milwaukee Digger Bee
Andrena nevadensis (Cresson, 1879)
Nevada Miner Bee
Andrena nothoscordi Robertson, 1897
Andrena nothoscordi
Andrena nubecula Smith, 1853
Cloudy-winged Miner Bee
Andrena nuda Robertson, 1891
Nude Mining Bee
Andrena obscuripennis Smith, 1853
Dark-winged Miner Bee
Andrena parnassiae Cockerell, 1902
Parnassia Miner Bee
Andrena perarmata Cockerell, 1898
Andrena perarmata
Andrena perplexa Smith, 1853
Perplexed Miner Bee
Andrena prolixa LaBerge, 1980
Andrena prolixa
Andrena revelstokensis Viereck, 1924
Revelstoke Miner Bee
Andrena rubi Mitchell, 1960
Raspberry Miner Bee
Andrena runcinatae Cockerell, 1906
Scapose Hawks-beard Miner Bee
Andrena saccata Viereck, 1904
Andrena saccata
Andrena sayi Robertson, 1891
Say\'s Miner Bee
Andrena schuhi LaBerge, 1980
Schuh s Miner Bee
Andrena singularis Viereck, 1924
Andrena singularis
Andrena sola Viereck, 1917
Lonely Mining Bee
Andrena spiraeana Robertson, 1895
Spiraea Miner Bee
Andrena striatifrons Cockerell, 1897
Line-faced Miner Bee
Andrena subtrita Cockerell,1910
Andrena subtrita
Andrena topazana Cockerell, 1906
Topaz Miner Bee
Andrena virginiana Mitchell, 1960
Virginia Miner Bee
Andrena washingtoni Cockerell, 1901
Washington Miner Bee
Andrena wheeleri Graenicher, 1904
Wheeler\\\'s Miner Bee
Anthidiellum notatum (Latreille, 1809)
Northern Rotund-Resin Bee
Anthidiellum robertsoni (Cockerell, 1904)
Anthidiellum robertsoni
Anthidium atrifrons Cresson, 1868
Anthidium atrifrons
Anthidium banningense Cockerell, 1904
Banning Wool Carder Bee
Anthidium clypeodentatum Swenk, 1914
Saw-lipped Carder Bee
Anthidium emarginatum (Say, 1824)
Emarginated Carder Bee
Anthidium formosum Cresson, 1878
Anthidium formosum
Anthidium maculifrons Smith, 1854
Anthidium maculifrons
Anthidium palliventre Cresson, 1878
Anthidium palliventre
Anthidium porterae Cockerell, 1900
Porter s Carder Bee
Anthidium psoraleae Robertson, 1902
Anthidium psoraleae
Anthidium tenuiflorae Cockerell, 1907
Anthidium tenuiflorae
Anthidium utahense Swenk, 1914
Utah Wool Carder Bee
Anthophora abrupta Say, 1837
Abrupt Digger Bee
Anthophora affabilis Cresson, 1878
Anthophora affabilis
Anthophora bomboides bomboides Kirby, 1838
Bumble-bee-mimic Digger Bee
Anthophora bomboides stanfordiana Cockerell, 1904
Stanford Bumblebee-like Digger Bee
Anthophora occidentalis Cresson, 1869
Western Digger Bee
Anthophora walshii Cresson, 1869
Walsh s Common Digger Bee
Ashmeadiella cubiceps (Cresson, 1879)
Ashmeadiella cubiceps
Atoposmia abjecta abjecta (Cresson, 1878)
Atoposmia abjecta abjecta (Cresson, 1878)
Atoposmia elongata (Michener, 1936)
Atoposmia elongata
Augochlora pura pura (Say, 1837)
Pure Green Sweat Bee
Augochlorella aurata (Smith, 1853)
Golden Sweat Bee
Augochloropsis metallica (Fabricius, 1793)
Metallic Epauletted-Sweat Bee
Augochloropsis viridula (Smith, 1853)
Augochloropsis viridula
Biastes cressoni (Crawford, 1916)
Cresson\'s Shortface-Cuckoo Bee
Biastes fulviventris (Cresson, 1878)
Red-bellied Shortface-Cuckoo Bee
Bombus auricomus (Robertson, 1903)
Black and Gold Bumble Bee
Bombus bimaculatus Cresson, 1863
Two-spotted Bumble Bee
Bombus caliginosus (Frison, 1927)
Obscure Bumble Bee
Bombus huntii Greene, 1860
Hunt\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s Bumble Bee
Bombus kirbiellus Curtis, 1835
Golden-belted Bumble Bee
Bombus kluanensis Williams and Cannings, 2016
Kluane Bumble Bee
Bombus mckayi Ashmead, 1902
McKay s Bumble Bee
Bombus morrisoni Cresson, 1878
Morrison\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s Bumble Bee
Bombus neoboreus Sladen, 1919
Bombus neoboreus
Bombus nevadensis Cresson, 1874
Nevada Bumble Bee
Bombus sandersoni Franklin, 1913
Sanderson\\\'s Bumble Bee
Bombus suckleyi Greene, 1860
Suckley\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s Cuckoo Bumble Bee
Bombus vancouverensis vancouverensis Cresson, 1878
Vancouver Two-form Bumble Bee
Brachymelecta californica (Cresson, 1878)
California Digger-Cuckoo Bee
Brachymelecta interrupta (Cresson, 1872)
Interrupted Digger-cuckoo Bee
Calliopsis andreniformis Smith, 1853
Campus Miner Bee
Calliopsis australior Cockerell, 1897
Calliopsis australior
Calliopsis barri (Rozen, 1959)
Barr\\\\\\\'s Banded Miner Bee
Calliopsis chlorops Cockerell, 1899
Calliopsis chlorops
Calliopsis coloradensis Cresson, 1878
Calliopsis coloradensis
Calliopsis scitula scitula (Cresson, 1878)
Calliopsis scitula
Chelostoma campanularum (Kirby, 1802)
Harebell Carpenter Bee
Chelostoma minutum Crawford, 1916
Minute Scissor Bee
Chelostoma phaceliae Michener, 1938
Phaceliae Scissor Bee
Chelostoma philadelphi (Robertson, 1891)
Mock-orange Scissor Bee
Chelostoma rapunculi (Lepeletier, 1841)
Rampion Scissor Bee
Coelioxys banksi Crawford, 1914
Banks\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\' Cuckoo Leafcutter Bee
Colletes aberrans Cockerell, 1897
Wandering Plasterer Bee
Colletes aestivalis Patton, 1879
Colletes aestivalis
Colletes albescens Cresson, 1868
White Plasterer Bee
Colletes americanus Cresson, 1868
American Plasterer Bee
Colletes andrewsi Cockerell, 1906
Andrew s Plasterer Bee
Colletes brevicornis Robertson, 1897
Short-horned Plasterer Bee
Colletes compactus compactus Cresson, 1868
Compact Plasterer Bee
Colletes compactus hesperius Swenk, 1906
Compact Plasterer Bee
Colletes consors mesocopus Swenk, 1907
Partner Plasterer Bee
Colletes consors pascoensis Cockerell, 1898
Partner Plasterer Bee
Colletes eulophi Robertson, 1891
Colletes eulophi
Colletes fulgidus fulgidus Swenk, 1904
Mountain Plasterer Bee
Colletes gilensis Cockerell, 1897
Colletes gilensis
Colletes gypsicolens Cockerell, 1897
Gypsum Plasterer Bee
Colletes howardi Swenk, 1925
Howard s Plasterer Bee
Colletes latitarsis Robertson, 1891
Ground-cherry Plasterer Bee
Colletes slevini Cockerell, 1925
Slevin s Plasterer Bee
Colletes susannae Swenk, 1925
Susan's Plasterer Bee
Colletes validus Cresson, 1868
Long-faced Plasterer Bee
Colletes willistoni Robertson, 1891
Williston\'s Plasterer Bee
Colletes wilmattae Cockerell, 1904
Wilmatte's Plasterer Bee
Diadasia australis australis (Cresson, 1878)
Cactus Chimney Bee
Diadasia diminuta (Cresson, 1878)
Globe Mallow Chimney Bee
Diadasia ochracea (Cockerell, 1903)
Ochraceous Chimney Bee
Dianthidium singulare (Cresson, 1879)
Singular Pebble Bee
Dioxys pomonae pomonae Cockerell, 1910
Pomona Dioxys
Dufourea dilatipes Bohart, 1948
Mariposa Lily Short-faced Bee
Dufourea harveyi (Cockerell, 1906)
Harvey\'s Short-faced Bee
Dufourea holocyanea (Cockerell, 1925)
All-blue Short-faced Bee
Epeoloides pilosulus (Cresson, 1878)
Macropis Cuckoo Bee
Epeolus ainsliei Crawford, 1932
Ainslie s Cellophane Cuckoo Bee
Epeolus americanus (Cresson, 1878)
American Cellophane Cuckoo Bee
Epeolus autumnalis Robertson, 1902
Autumn Cellophane Cuckoo Bee
Epeolus bifasciatus Cresson, 1864
Two-banded Cellophane Cuckoo Bee
Epeolus canadensis Mitchell, 1962
Canadian Cellophane-cuckoo Bee
Epeolus compactus Cresson, 1878
Compact Cellophane-cuckoo Bee
Epeolus emiliae Onuferko and Sheffield, 2022
Emilia's Cellophane Cuckoo Bee
Epeolus gibbsi Onuferko, 2018
Gibbs\\\'s Cellophane-cuckoo Bee
Epeolus ilicis Mitchell, 1962
Holly Cellophane-cuckoo Bee
Epeolus interruptus Robertson, 1900
Interrupted Cellophane-cuckoo Bee
Eucera actuosa (Cresson, 1878)
Active Long-horned Bee
Eucera (Synhalonia) acerba (Cresson, 1879)
Eucera acerba
Eucera (Synhalonia) lepida (Cresson,1878)
Eucera lepida
Florilegus condignus (Cresson, 1878)
Worthy Longhorn Bee
Habropoda cineraria (Smith, 1879)
Ashy Mountain Digger Bee
Habropoda cressonii (Dalla Torre, 1896)
Cresson s Mountain Digger Bee
Habropoda depressa Fowler, 1899
California Mountain-Digger Bee
Habropoda miserabilis Cresson, 1878
Pacific Dune Mountain Digger Bee
Habropoda murihirta (Cockerell, 1905)
Dark-haired Mountain Digger Bee
Habropoda tristissima (Cockerell, 1904)
Dimorphic Mountain-digger Bee
Halictus confusus arapahonum Cockerell, 1906
Arapaho Metallic-Furrow Bee
Halictus confusus confusus Smith, 1853
Confusing Furrow Bee
Halictus farinosus, Smith, 1853
Wide-striped Sweat Bee
Halictus ligatus Say, 1837
Ligated Furrow Bee
Halictus parallelus Say, 1837
Parallel-striped Sweat Bee
Halictus tripartitus Cockerell, 1895
Tripartite Sweat Bee
Halictus virgatellus Cockerell, 1901
Comma Sweat Bee
Heriades carinata Cresson, 1864
Carinate Armored-Resin Bee
Heriades cressoni Michener, 1938
Cresson s Armored-Resin Bee
Heriades leavitti Crawford, 1913
Leavitt s Armored-Resin Bee
Heriades variolosus variolosus (Cresson, 1872)
Heriades variolosus
Holcopasites calliopsidis calliopsidis (Linsley, 1943)
Calliopsis Cuckoo Nomad Bee
Holcopasites heliopsis (Robertson, 1897)
Holcopasites heliopsis
Holcopasites illinoiensis (Robertson, 1891)
Dusty Cuckoo Nomad Bee
Holcopasites pulchellus (Cresson, 1878)
Nice Cuckoo Nomad Bee
Holcopasites stevensi Crawford, 1915
Stevens' Cuckoo Nomad Bee
Hoplitis albifrons albifrons (Kirby, 1837)
White-fronted Small-Mason Bee
Hoplitis albifrons argentifrons (Cresson, 1864)
Silver-fronted Small-Mason Bee
Hoplitis fulgida (Cresson, 1864)
Green Small-Mason Bee
Hoplitis grinnelli septentrionalis Michener, 1947
Grinnell's Small-Mason
Hoplitis hypocrita (Cockerell, 1906)
Mimic Small-Mason Bee
Hoplitis louisae (Cockerell, 1934)
Louise\'s Summer Mason Bee
Hoplitis producta interior Michener, 1947
Produced Small-Mason
Hoplitis producta producta (Cresson, 1864)
Produced Small-Mason
Hoplitis producta subgracilis Michener, 1947
Produced Small-Mason
Hoplitis robusta (Nylander, 1848)
Rhinoceros Mason Bee
Hoplitis sambuci Titus, 1904
Elderberry Small-Mason
Hoplitis truncata truncata (Cresson, 1878)
Truncate Small-Mason Bee
Hylaeus fedorica (Cockerell, 1909)
Fedor Masked Bee
Hylaeus nelumbonis (Robertson, 1890)
Nelumbo Masked Bee
Lasioglossum abanci (Crawford, 1932)
Lasioglossum abanci
Lasioglossum absimile (Sandhouse, 1924)
Lasioglossum absimile
Lasioglossum abundipunctum Gibbs, 2010
Abundantly Punctured Sweat Bee
Lasioglossum achilleae (Mitchell, 1960)
Achillea Sweat Bee
Lasioglossum admirandum (Sandhouse, 1924)
Admirable Sweat Bee
Lasioglossum argemonis (Cockerell, 1897)
Lasioglossum argemonis
Lasioglossum ascheri Gibbs, 2011
Ascher\'\\\'s Sweat Bee
Lasioglossum aspilurum (Cockerell, 1925)
Lasioglossum aspilurum
Lasioglossum atwoodi Gibbs, 2010
Atwood's Sweat Bee
Lasioglossum birkmanni (Crawford, 1906)
Birkmann\'s Sweat Bee
Lasioglossum boreale Svensson, Ebmer, and Sakagami, 1977
Boreal Sweat Bee
Lasioglossum bruneri (Crawford, 1902)
Bruner\'s Sweat Bee
Lasioglossum buccale (Pérez, 1903)
Lasioglossum buccale
Lasioglossum cooleyi (Crawford, 1906)
Cooley s Sweat Bee
Lasioglossum diatretum (Vachal, 1904)
Reticulated Sweat Bee
Lasioglossum glabriventre (Crawford, 1907)
Smooth-bellied Sweat Bee
Lasioglossum helianthi (Cockerell, 1916)
Sunflower Sweat Bee
Lasioglossum immigrans Gardner and Gibbs, 2021
Immigrant Sweat Bee
Lasioglossum inconditum (Cockerell, 1916)
Misbehaved Sweat Bee
Lasioglossum lionotus (Sandhouse, 1923)
Smooth-backed Sweat Bee
Lasioglossum obnubilum (Sandhouse, 1924)
Cloudy Sweat Bee
Lasioglossum occidentale (Crawford, 1902)
Western Sweat Bee
Lasioglossum oceanicum (Cockerell, 1916)
Ocean Sweat Bee
Lasioglossum onuferkoi Gardner and Gibbs, 2021
Onuferko's Sweat Bee
Lasioglossum pavoninum (Ellis, 1913)
Peacock Sweat Bee
Lasioglossum punctatoventre (Crawford, 1907)
Dimple-bellied Sweat Bee
Lasioglossum reasbeckae Gibbs, 2010
Reasbeck\'s Sweat Bee
Lasioglossum sablense Gibbs, 2010
Sable Island Sweat Bee
Lasioglossum seillean Gibbs and Packer, 2013
Seillean Sweat Bee
Lasioglossum stictaspis (Sandhouse, 1923)
Spotted-shield Sweat Bee
Lasioglossum tegulare (Robertson, 1890)
Epaulette Metallic Sweat Bee
Lasioglossum tegulariforme (Crawford, 1907)
Lasioglossum tegulariforme
Lasioglossum tenax (Sandhose, 1924)
Alpine Sweat Bee
Lasioglossum testaceum (Robertson, 1897)
Pale-marked Sweat Bee
Lasioglossum timothyi Gibbs, 2010
Timothy's Sweat Bee
Lasioglossum trigeminum Gibbs, 2011
Triplet Sweat Bee
Lasioglossum tuolumnense Gibbs, 2009
Tuolumne Sweat Bee
Lasioglossum vierecki (Crawford, 1904)
Viereck s Sweat Bee
Macropis ciliata Patton, 1880
Fringed Loosestrife Oil Bee
Macropis nuda (Provancher, 1882)
Dark-legged Yellow Loosestrife Bee
Macropis patellata Patton, 1880
Macropis patellata
Megachile addenda Cresson, 1878
Cranberry Leafcutter Bee
Megachile albitarsis Cresson, 1872
White-footed Leafcutter Bee
Megachile angelarum Cockerell 1902
Angel Resin Bee
Megachile anograe Cockerell, 1908
Anogra Leafcutter Bee
Megachile brevis Say, 1837
Short Leafcutter Bee
Megachile campanulae (Robertson, 1903)
Bellflower Resin Bee
Megachile casadae Cockerell, 1898
Casad\\\'s Leafcutter Bee
Megachile cleomis Cockerell, 1900
Cleome Leafcutter Bee
Megachile coquilletti Cockerell, 1915
Coquilletti\\\'s Leafcutter Bee
Megachile dakotensis Mitchell, 1926
Dakota Leafcutter Bee
Megachile dentitarsus Sladen, 1919
Tooth-legged Leafcutter Bee
Megachile discorhina Cockerell, 1924
Megachile discorhina
Megachile fidelis Cresson, 1878
Horn-faced Leaf-cutter Bee
Megachile fortis Cresson, 1872
Robust Sunflower Leafcutter Bee
Megachile gemula gemula Cresson, 1878
Small Handed Leafcutter Bee
Megachile gemula vancouveriensis Provancher, 1888
Vancouver Leafcutter Bee
Megachile gentilis Cresson, 1872
Gentile Leafcutter Bee
Megachile lippiae Cockerell, 1900
Lippia Leafcutter Bee
Megachile melanophaea Smith, 1853
Black-and-gray Leafcutter Bee
Megachile mellitarsis Cresson, 1878
Yellow-legged Leafcutter Bee
Megachile mendica Cresson, 1878
Flat-tailed Leafcutter Bee
Megachile mucida Cresson, 1878
Mucid Leafcutter Bee
Megachile nevadensis Cresson, 1879
Nevada Leafcutter Bee
Megachile onobrychidis Cockerell, 1908
Sainfoin Leafcutter Bee
Megachile parallela Smith, 1853
Parallel Leafcutter Bee
Megachile pascoensis Mitchell, 1934
Pasco Leafcutter Bee
Megachile perihirta Cockerell, 1898
Western Leafcutter Bee
Megachile snowi Mitchell, 1927
Snow\'s Leafcutter Bee
Megachile subexilis Cockerell, 1908
Megachile subexilis
Megachile sublaurita Mitchell, 1927
Sublaurel Leafcutter Bee
Megachile subnigra Cresson, 1879
Black-bottomed Leafcutter Bee
Megachile texana Cresson, 1878
Texas Leafcutter Bee
Megachile umatillensis (Mitchell, 1927)
Umatilla Leafcutter Bee
Megachile wheeleri Mitchell, 1927
Wheeler\\\'s Leafcutter Bee
Megachile xylocopoides Smith, 1853
Carpenter-mimic Leafcutter Bee
Melecta (Melecta) pacifica fulvida Cresson, 1879
Melecta pacifica fulvida
Melecta (Melecta) pacifica pacifica Cresson, 1878
Melecta pacifica pacifica
Melecta (Melecta) separata callura (Cockerell, 1926)
Melecta separata callura
Melecta (Melecta) thoracica Cresson, 1875
Melecta thoracica
Melissodes agilis Cresson, 1878
Agile Long-horned Bee
Melitta americana (Smith, 1853)
Blueberry Blunt-Horn
Neolarra mallochi (Crawford, 1912)
Malloch's Fairy Cuckoo Bee
Neolarra pruinosa Ashmead, 1890
Frosty Fairy Cuckoo Bee
Neolarra vigilans (Cockerell, 1895)
Watchful Fairy Cuckoo Bee
Nomada aldrichi Cockerell, 1910
Aldrich\\\'s Nomad Bee
Nomada alpha Cockerell, 1905
Alpha Nomad Bee
Nomada aquilarum Cockerell, 1903
Eagle Creek Nomad Bee
Nomada australis Mitchell, 1962
Nomada australis
Nomada banksi Cockerell, 1907
Banks Nomad Bee
Nomada bella bella Cresson, 1863
Nomada bella
Nomada bethunei Cockerell, 1903
Bethune's Nomad Cuckoo Bee
Nomada bisignata Say, 1824
Nomada bisignata
Nomada ceanothi Cockerell, 1907
New Jersey Tea Nomad Bee
Nomada crawfordi Cockerell, 1905
Crawford s Nomad Cuckoo Bee
Nomada crotchii Cresson, 1878
Crotch s Nomad Bee
Nomada denticulata Robertson, 1902
Nomada denticulata
Nomada electella Cockerell, 1903
Nomada electella
Nomada fervida Smith, 1854
Fervid Nomad Bee
Nomada festiva Cresson, 1863
Festive Nomad Bee
Nomada florilega Lovell and Cockerell, 1905
Nomada florilega
Nomada graenicheri Cockerell, 1905
Graenicher's Nomad Bee
Nomada louisianae Cockerell, 1903
Louisiana Nomad Bee
Nomada scita Cresson, 1878
Nomada scita
Nomada snowii Cresson, 1878
Snow\\\'s Nomad Bee
Nomada suavis Cresson, 1878
Suave Nomad Bee
Nomada subnigrocincta Swenk, 1915
Nomada subnigrocincta
Nomada tiftonensis Cockerell, 1903
Tifton Nomada Cuckoo Bee
Nomada vegana Cockerell, 1903
Nomada vegana
Nomada vernonensis Cockerell, 1916
Vernon Nomad Bee
Nomada vincta Say, 1837
Nomada vincta
Nomada xanthura Cockerell, 1908
Yellow-banded Nomad Bee
Osmia albiventris Cresson, 1864
White-bellied Mason Bee
Osmia albolateralis Cockerell, 1906
Osmia albolateralis
Osmia aquilonaria Rightmyer, Griswold and Arduser, 2010
Osmia aquilonaria
Osmia atriventris Cresson, 1864
Black-bellied Mason Bee
Osmia atrocyanea atrocyanea Cockerell, 1897
Osmia atrocyanea
Osmia austromaritima Michener, 1936
Osmia austromaritima
Osmia bella Cresson, 1878
Osmia bella
Osmia bruneri Cockerell, 1897
Bruner\\\\\\\'s Mason Bee
Osmia californica Cresson, 1864
California Mason Bee
Osmia coloradensis Cresson, 1878
Colorado Mason Bee
Osmia conjuncta Cresson, 1864
Osmia conjuncta
Osmia cyaneonitens Cockerell, 1906
Osmia cyaneonitens
Osmia dakotensis Michener, 1937
Dakota Mason Bee
Osmia georgica Cresson, 1878
Georgia Mason Bee
Osmia marginipennis Cresson, 1878
Osmia marginipennis
Osmia montana montana Cresson, 1864
Montana Mason Bee
Osmia subaustralis Cockerell, 1900
Osmia subaustralis
Osmia subfasciata Cresson, 1872
Osmia subfasciata
Osmia texana Cresson, 1872
Texas Mason Bee
Panurginus atriceps (Cresson, 1878)
Panurginus atriceps
Panurginus beardsleyi (Cockerell, 1904)
Beardsley\\\'s Miner Bee
Panurginus cressoniellus Cockerell, 1898
Panurginus cressoniellus
Panurginus ineptus Cockerell, 1922
Panurginus ineptus
Perdita affinis Cresson, 1878
Perdita affinis
Perdita ainsliei Crawford, 1932
Ainslie\'s Fairy Bee
Perdita albipennis canadensis Crawford, 1912
Canada Perdita
Perdita bruneri Cockerell, 1897
Bruner's Fairy Bee
Perdita fallax Cockerell, 1896
Perdita fallax
Perdita halictoides Smith, 1853
Ground-cherry Fairy Bee
Perdita laticincta Swenk and Cockerell, 1907
Perdita laticincta
Perdita luteiceps Cockerell, 1896
Perdita luteiceps
Perdita maculigera maculipennis Graenicher, 1910
Sandbar Willow Fairy Bee
Perdita nevadensis nevadensis Cockerell, 1896
Nevada Fairy Bee
Perdita octomaculata (Say, 1824)
Eight-spotted Fairy Bee
Perdita pallidipennis pallidipennis Graenicher, 1910
Bequaert's Fairy Bee
Perdita perpallida citrinella Graenicher 1910
All-pale Perdita
Perdita perpallida perpallida Cockerell 1901
All-pale Perdita
Perdita pretiosa Timberlake, 1980
Precious Fairy Bee
Perdita stottleri Cockerell, 1896
Stottler\\\'s Fairy Bee
Perdita swenki Crawford, 1915
Swenk\\\\\\\'s Fairy Bee
Perdita tridentata Stevens, 1919
Perdita tridentata
Perdita zebrata zebrata Cresson, 1878
Perdita zebrata
Protandrena illinoiensis (Cresson, 1878)
Protandrena illinoiensis
Protosmia rubifloris (Cockerell, 1898)
Prong-faced Slender-Mason Bee
Ptilothrix bombiformis (Cresson, 1878)
Hibiscus Turret Bee
Sphecodes antennariae Robertson, 1891
Antennaria Blood Bee
Sphecodes aroniae Mitchell, 1960
Chokeberry Cuckoo Sweat Bee
Sphecodes arroyanus Cockerell, 1904
Sphecodes arroyanus
Sphecodes arvensiformis Cockerell, 1904
Sphecodes arvensiformis
Sphecodes atlantis Mitchell, 1956
Sphecodes atlantis
Sphecodes autumnalis Mitchell, 1956
Sphecodes autumnalis
Sphecodes banksii Lovell, 1909
Bank's Cuckoo Sweat Bee
Sphecodes borealis Cockerell, 1937
Sphecodes borealis
Sphecodes clematidis Robertson, 1897
Sphecodes clematidis
Sphecodes confertus Say, 1837
Sphecodes confertus
Sphecodes coronus Mitchell, 1956
Sphecodes coronus
Sphecodes davisii Robertson, 1897
Davis\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\' Cuckoo Sweat Bee
Sphecodes dichrous Smith, 1853
Sphecodes dichrous
Sphecodes fattigi Mitchell, 1956
Fattig\'s Cuckoo Sweat Bee
Sphecodes galerus Lovell and Cockerell, 1907
Sphecodes galerus
Sphecodes heraclei heraclei Robertson, 1897
Sphecodes heraclei heraclei
Sphecodes hesperellus Cockerell, 1904
Sphecodes hesperellus
Sphecodes hudsoni Cockerell, 1911
Hudson Cuckoo Sweat Bee
Sphecodes illinoensis (Robertson, 1903)
Illinois Cuckoo Sweat Bee
Sphecodes johnsonii Lovell, 1909
Sphecodes johnsonii
Sphecodes solonis Graenicher, 1911
Sphecodes solonis
Stelis ashmeadiellae Timberlake, 1941
Ashmead's Cuckoo Carder Bee
Stelis calliphorina Cockerell, 1911
Indigo Cuckoo Carder Bee
Stelis callura Cockerell, 1925
Purple Cuckoo Carder Bee
Stelis heronae Sheffield, 2024
Heron\\\'s Cuckoo Carder Bee
Stelis louisae Cockerell, 1911
Louisiana Cuckoo Carder Bee
Stelis maculata (Provancher, 1888)
Maculated Cuckoo Carder Bee
Stelis monticola Cresson, 1864
Mountain Cuckoo Carder Bee
Stelis nitida Cresson, 1878
Healthy Cuckoo Carder Bee
Stelis occidentalis Parker and Griswold, 2013
Western Cuckoo Carder Bee
Stelis ricardonis Cockerell, 1912
Ricardo's Cuckoo Carder Bee
Stelis rubi Cockerell, 1898
Blackberry Cuckoo Carder Bee
Triepeolus argyreus Cockerell, 1907
Silver Longhorn Cuckoo Bee
Triepeolus balteatus Cockerell, 1921
Mountain Longhorn Cuckoo Bee
Triepeolus brittaini Cockerell, 1931
Brittain\\\'s Cuckoo Nomad Bee
Triepeolus concavus (Cresson, 1878)
Concave Longhorn-Cuckoo
Triepeolus cressonii Robertson, 1897
Cresson's Longhorn Cuckoo Bee
Triepeolus dacotensis (Stevens, 1919)
Dakota Longhorn Cuckoo Bee
Triepeolus donatus (Smith, 1854)
Triepeolus donatus
Triepeolus eliseae Rightmyer, 2017
Elise\\\'s Longhorn Cuckoo Bee
Triepeolus fraserae Cockerell, 1904
Frasera Longhorn Cuckoo Bee
Triepeolus helianthi (Robertson, 1897)
Sunflower Longhorn Cuckoo Bee
Triepeolus lunatus (Say, 1824)
Lunate Longhorn Cuckoo Bee
Triepeolus michiganensis Mitchell, 1962
Michigan Longhorn Cuckoo Bee
Triepeolus micropygius Robertson, 1903
Micro Longhorn Cuckoo Bee
Triepeolus nigrihirtus Mitchell, 1962
Black-haired Longhorn Cuckoo Bee
Triepeolus obliteratus Graenicher, 1911
Obliterated Longhorn Cuckoo Bee
Triepeolus occidentalis (Cresson, 1878)
Western Longhorn Cuckoo Bee
Triepeolus remigatus (Fabricius, 1804)
Squash Longhorn Cuckoo Bee
Triepeolus subalpinus Cockerell, 1910
Subalpine Longhorn Cuckoo Bee
Triepeolus texanus (Cresson, 1878)
Texas Longhorn Cuckoo Bee
Triepeolus timberlakei Cockerell, 1929
Timberlake's Long-horned Cuckoo Bee
Xenoglossa pruinosa (Say, 1837)
Hoary Squash Bee
Xylocopa sonorina Smith, 1874
Hawaiian Carpenter Bee
Xylocopa virginica virginica (Linnaeus, 1771)
Eastern Carpenter Bee
Zacosmia maculata maculata (Cresson, 1879)
Spotted Mini-Digger-Cuckoo
A. cf. campanulae Viereck and Cockerell, 1914
A. cf. campanulae
Andrena andrenoides (Cresson, 1878)
Colourful Willow Miner Bee
Andrena angustitarsata Viereck, 1904
Narrow-legged Miner Bee
Andrena anisochlora Cockerell, 1936
Andrena anisochlora
Andrena arabis Robertson, 1897
Mustard Miner Bee
Andrena astragali Viereck and Cockerell, 1914
Astragalus Miner Bee
Andrena auricoma Smith, 1879
Golden-haired Miner Bee
Andrena barbilabris (Kirby, 1802)
Long-lipped Mining Bee
Andrena berberidis Cockerell, 1905
Barberry Miner Bee
Andrena bisalicis Viereck, 1908
Eastern Willow Miner Bee
Andrena brevipalpis Cockerell, 1930
Short-tongued Miner Bee
Andrena caerulea Smith, 1879
Caerulean Miner Bee
Andrena candida Smith, 1879
Mock-orange Miner Bee
Andrena candidiformis Viereck and Cockerell, 1914
White-haired Miner Bee
Andrena carlini Cockerell, 1901
Carlin's Miner Bee
Andrena ceanothi Viereck, 1917
Ceanothus Miner Bee
Andrena cerasifolii Cockerell, 1896
Cherry Plum Miner Bee
Andrena chapmanae Viereck, 1904
Chapman's Miner Bee
Andrena chlorogaster Viereck, 1904
Green-bellied Miner Bee
Andrena chlorura Cockerell, 1916
Andrena chlorura
Andrena chromotricha Cockerell, 1899
Pigmented Miner Bee
Andrena clarkella (Kirby, 1802)
Clark's Miner Bee
Andrena cleodora (Viereck, 1904)
Shiny-blue Scultpured Miner Bee
Andrena colletina Cockerell, 1906
Andrena colletina
Andrena columbiana Viereck, 1917
British Columbia Miner Bee
Andrena commoda Smith, 1879
Advantaged Miner Bee
Andrena costillensis Viereck and Cockerell, 1914
Costilla Miner Bee
Andrena crataegi Robertson, 1893
Hawthorn Mining Bee
Andrena cristata Viereck, 1917
Crested Miner Bee
Andrena cuneilabris Viereck, 1926
Wedgy-lipped Miner Bee
Andrena cupreotincta Cockerell, 1901
Copper-tinted Miner Bee
Andrena cyanophila Cockerell, 1906
Dimple-cheeked Miner Bee
Andrena distans Provancher, 1888
Cranesbill Miner
Andrena dunningi Cockerell, 1898
Dunning's miner bee
Andrena erigeniae Robertson, 1891
Spring Beauty Mining Bee
Andrena erythrogaster Ashmead, 1890
Red-tailed Mining Bee
Andrena erythronii Robertson, 1891
Trout-lily Mining Bee
Andrena evoluta Linsley and MacSwain 1961
Evolving Miner Bee
Andrena fenningeri Viereck, 1922
Andrena fenningeri
Andrena forbesii Robertson, 1891
Forbe\'s Mining Bee
Andrena fuscicauda Viereck, 1904
Andrena fuscicauda
Andrena geranii Robertson, 1891
Waterleaf Miner Bee
Andrena hilaris Smith, 1853
Andrena hilaris
Andrena hippotes Robertson, 1895
Hippotes Miner Bee
Andrena hirticincta Provancher, 1888
Hairy-banded Miner Bee
Andrena illinoiensis Robertson, 1891
Tufted Miner Bee
Andrena imitatrix Cresson, 1872
Imitator Miner Bee
Andrena integra Smith, 1853
Short-haired Dogwood Miner Bee
Andrena kalmiae Atwood, 1934
Andrena kalmiae
Andrena lawrencei Andrena lupinorum Cockerell, 1906
Andrena lupinorum
Andrena mariae Robertson, 1891
Maria Miner Bee
Andrena medionitens Cockerell, 1902
Western Red-legged Miner Bee
Andrena melanochroa Cockerell, 1898
Rose Miner Bee
Andrena microchlora Cockerell, 1922
Small Green Miner Bee
Andrena miranda Smith, 1879
Singular Miner Bee
Andrena misella Timberlake, 1951
Andrena misella
Andrena miserabilis Cresson, 1872
Miserable Digger Bee
Andrena montrosensis Viereck and Cockerell, 1914
Montrose Miner Bee
Andrena morrisonella Viereck, 1917
Andrena morrisonella
Andrena nasonii Andrena nigrae Robertson, 1905
Black Miner Bee
Andrena nigrihirta (Ashmead, 1890)
Black-haired Miner Bee
Andrena nigrocaerulea
Black-and-Blue Miner Bee
Andrena nivalis Smith, 1853
Andrena nivalis
Andrena nothocalaidis (Cockerell, 1905)
False Dandelion Miner Bee
Andrena pallidifovea Andrena peckhami Cockerell, 1902
Peckham s Miner Bee
Andrena persimulata Viereck, 1917
Protuberance Miner Bee
Andrena pertristis carliniformis Viereck and Cockerell, 1914
Andrena pertristis carliniformis
Andrena piperi Viereck, 1904
Piper's Miner Bee
Andrena placata Mitchell, 1960
Andrena placata
Andrena platyparia Robertson, 1895
Plated Miner Bee
Andrena porterae Cockerell, 1900
Porter s mining bee
Andrena prunorum prunorum Cockerell, 1896
Prunus Miner Bee
Andrena quintiliformis Viereck, 1917
Andrena quintiliformis
Andrena quintilis Robertson, 1898
Andrena quintilis
Andrena regularis Malloch, 1917
Andrena regularis
Andrena rehni Viereck, 1907
Andrena rehni
Andrena robertsonii Dalla Torre, 1896
Andrena robertsonii
Andrena rudbeckiae Robertson, 1891
Coneflower Miner Bee
Andrena rufosignata Cockerell, 1902
Andrena rufosignata
Andrena rugosa Robertson, 1891
Andrena rugosa
Andrena salicifloris Cockerell, 1897
Andrena salicifloris
Andrena salictaria Robertson, 1905
Small Willow Miner Bee
Andrena scurra Viereck, 1904
Andrena scurra
Andrena scutellinitens
Shielded Miner Bee
Andrena segregans Cockerell, 1900
Andrena segregans
Andrena sieverti Cockerell, 1906
Andrena sieverti
Andrena sigmundi Cockerell, 1902
Andrena sigmundi
Andrena simplex Smith, 1853
Simple Miner Bee
Andrena sladeni Viereck, 1924
Sladen mining bee
Andrena subaustralis Cockerell, 1898
Andrena subaustralis
Andrena subtilis Smith, 1879
Andrena subtilis
Andrena surda Cockerell, 1910
Deaf Miner Bee
Andrena thaspii Graenicher, 1903
Thaspium Miner Bee
Andrena transnigra Viereck, 1904
Black-banded Mining Bee
Andrena trevoris Cockerell, 1897
Trevor s Miner Bee
Andrena tridens Robertson, 1902
Andrena tridens
Andrena trizonata (Ashmead, 1890)
Andrena trizonata
Andrena vicina Smith, 1853
Neighbouring Miner Bee
Andrena vicinoides Andrena vierecki Cockerell, 1904
Andrena vierecki
Andrena w-scripta Viereck, 1904
W-marked Miner Bee
Andrena walleyi Cockerell, 1932
Andrena walleyi
Andrena wellesleyana (Robertson, 1897)
Wellesley Miner Bee
Andrena wilkella (Kirby, 1802)
Wilke's Mining Bee
Andrena wilmattae Cockerell, 1906
Andrena wilmattae
Andrena ziziae Robertson, 1891
Golden Alexanders Miner Bee
Anthidium florentinum Anthidium manicatum Anthidium mormonum Anthidium oblongatum oblongatum Anthophora bomboides solitaria Ritsema, 1880
Vancouver Island Bumblebee-like Digger Bee
Anthophora californica Anthophora crotchii Cresson, 1878
Crotch s Digger Bee
Anthophora edwardsii Cresson, 1878
Edward s Digger Bee
Anthophora pacifica Cresson, 1878
Pacific Digger
Anthophora peritomae Cockerell, 1905
Peritoma Digger Bee
Anthophora porterae Cockerell, 1900
Porter's Digger Bee
Anthophora terminalis pernigra Cresson, 1879
Western Orange-tipped Wood-digger Bee
Anthophora terminalis terminalis Cresson, 1869
Orange-tipped Wood-digger Bee
Anthophora urbana Cresson, 1878
Urbane Digger Bee
Anthophora ursina Cresson, 1869
Ursine Digger
Apis mellifera
European honey bee
Ashmeadiella bucconis bucconis (Say. 1837)
Ashmeadiella bucconis
Ashmeadiella bucconis denticulata (Cresson, 1878)
Ashmeadiella bucconis denticulata
Ashmeadiella cactorum cactorum (Cockerell, 1897)
Ashmeadiella cactorum
Ashmeadiella californica californica (Ashmead, 1897)
Ashmeadiella californica
Ashmeadiella gillettei Titus, 1904
Ashmeadiella gillettei
Atoposmia copelandica copelandica Bombus (Bombus) affinis Cresson, 1863
Rusty-patched Bumble Bee
Bombus appositus Cresson, 1878
White-shouldered Bumble Bee
Bombus bohemicus
Bohemian Cuckoo Bumble Bee
Bombus borealis
Northern Amber Bumble Bee
Bombus centralis Bombus citrinus
Lemon Cuckoo-Bumble Bee
Bombus cryptarum Bombus fervidus (Fabricius, 1798)
Golden Northern Bumble Bee
Bombus flavidus
Fernald's Cuckoo Bumble Bee
Bombus flavifrons Bombus frigidus Bombus griseocollis (De Geer, 1773)
Brown-belted Bumble Bee
Bombus impatiens Cresson, 1863
Common Eastern Bumble Bee
Bombus insularis
Indiscriminate Cuckoo Bumble Bee
Bombus johanseni Sladen, 1919
Johansen's Bumble Bee
Bombus jonellus Bombus melanopygus Bombus mixtus Bombus natvigi Richards, 1931
High Arctic Bumble Bee
Bombus occidentalis occidentalis
Western Bumble Bee
Bombus pensylvanicus
American Bumble Bee
Bombus perplexus Bombus polaris Bombus rufocinctus Bombus sitkensis Nylander, 1848
Sitka Bumble Bee
Bombus sylvicola Bombus ternarius Bombus terricola
Yellow-banded Bumble Bee
Bombus vagans bolsteri
Half-black Bumble Bee
Bombus vagans vagans Bombus vancouverensis nearcticus Handlirsch, 1888
Bombus vancouverensis nearcticus
Bombus vandykei Bombus variabilis
Variable Cuckoo Bumble Bee
Bombus vosnesenskii Radoszkowski, 1862
Vosnesensky s Bumble Bee
Ceratina acantha Provancher, 1895
Ceratina acantha
Ceratina calcarata Robertson, 1900
Ceratina calcarata
Ceratina dupla Say, 1837
Ceratina dupla
Ceratina micheneri Daly, 1973
Ceratina micheneri
Ceratina mikmaqi Rehan and Sheffield, 2011
Ceratina mikmaqi
Ceratina nanula Cockerell, 1897
Ceratina nanula
Ceratina neomexicana Cockerell, 1901
Ceratina neomexicana
Ceratina pacifica Ceratina strenua Coelioxys (Xerocoelioxys) nodis Baker, 1975
Coelioxys nodis Baker, 1975
Coelioxys alternatus Say, 1837
Alternate Cuckoo Leafcutter Bee
Coelioxys apacheorum Coelioxys deani Cockerell, 1909
Dean's Cuckoo Leaf-cutter Bee
Coelioxys edita Cresson, 1872 Coelioxys erysimi Coelioxys funeraria Coelioxys grindeliae Coelioxys hirsutissimus Cockerell, 1912
Coelioxys hirsutissimus
Coelioxys mesae Cockerell 1921
Coelioxys mesae
Coelioxys modestus Smith, 1854
Modest Cuckoo Leaf-cutter Bee
Coelioxys moestus Cresson, 1864
Coelioxys moestus
Coelioxys nodis Baker, 1975
Coelioxys nodis
Coelioxys novomexicanus Cockerell, 1909
Coelioxys novomexicanus
Coelioxys octodentata Coelioxys porterae Coelioxys rufitarsis Smith, 1854
Red-footed Cuckoo Leaf-cutter Bee
Coelioxys sayi Coelioxys serricaudatus Coelioxys sodalis Colletes hyalinus hyalinus Provancher, 1888
Translucent Plasterer Bee
Colletes hyalinus oregonensis Timberlake, 1951
Oregon Translucent Plasterer Bee
Colletes impunctatus lacustris Swenk, 1906
Shiny Plasterer Bee
Colletes inaequalis Say, 1837
Common Eastern Plasterer Bee
Colletes kincaidii Cockerell, 1898
Kincaid s Plasterer Bee
Colletes mandibularis Smith, 1853
Mandibular Plasterer Bee
Colletes nigrifrons Titus, 1900
Black-faced Plasterer Bee
Colletes nudus Robertson, 1898
Nude Plasterer Bee
Colletes petalostemonis Swenk, 1906
Prairie-clover Plasterer Bee
Colletes phaceliae Cockerell, 1906
Scorpionweed Plasterer Bee
Colletes robertsonii Dalla Torre, 1896
Robertson's Plasterer Bee
Colletes rufocinctus Cockerell, 1929
Red-belted Plasterer Bee
Colletes simulans armatus Patton, 1879
Deceptive Plasterer Bee
Colletes simulans nevadensis Swenk, 1908
Deceptive Plasterer Bee
Colletes solidaginis Swenk, 1906
Goldenrod Plasterer Bee
Colletes speculiferus Cockerell, 1927 Colletes sphaeralceae Timberlake, 1951
Colletes sphaeralceae
Colletes thoracicus Smith, 1853
Colletes thoracicus
Dianthidium curvatum sayi Cockerell, 1907
Dianthidium curvatum sayi
Dianthidium parvum (Cresson, 1878)
Dianthidium parvum
Dianthidium plenum Timberlake, 1943 Dianthidium pudicum pudicum (Cresson, 1879)
Dianthidium pudicum pudicum
Dianthidium simile (Cresson, 1864)
Dianthidium simile
Dianthidium subparvum Dianthidium ulkei ulkei Dieunomia heteropoda heteropoda (Say, 1824)
Dieunomia heteropoda
Dufourea marginata Dufourea maura Dufourea monardae (Viereck, 1924)
Dufourea monardae
Dufourea novaeangliae (Robertson, 1897)
Dufourea novaeangliae
Dufourea trochantera Epeolus lectoides Robertson, 1901
Eastern Prized Cellophane-cuckoo Bee
Epeolus minimus (Robertson, 1902)
Least Cellophane-cuckoo Bee
Epeolus olympiellus Cockerell, 1904 Epeolus pusillus Epeolus scutellaris Eucera atriventris (Smith, 1854)
Eucera atriventris
Eucera cordleyi Eucera douglasiana (Cockerell 1906)
Eucera douglasiana
Eucera edwardsii (Cresson, 1878)
Eucera edwardsii
Eucera frater lata Eucera fulvitarsis (Cresson, 1878)
Eucera fulvitarsis
Eucera hamata (Bradley, 1942)
Eucera hamata
Eucera hirsutissima (Cockerell, 1916)
Eucera hirsutissima
Eucera hurdi (Timberlake, 1969)
Hurd's Eucera
Eucera lutziana (Cockerell, 1933)
Eucera lutziana
Eucera speciosa Eucera virgata (Cockerell 1905)
Eucera virgata
Halictus rubicundus (Christ, 1791)
Halictus rubicundus
Hoplitis anthocopoides Hoplitis pilosifrons Hoplitis spoliata Hylaeus affinis Hylaeus annulatus Hylaeus basalis (Smith, 1853)
Cinquefoil Masked Bee
Hylaeus coloradensis Hylaeus communis Hylaeus episcopalis Hylaeus gaigei (Cockerell, 1916)
Hylaeus gaigei
Hylaeus hyalinatus Hylaeus illinoisensis Hylaeus leptocephalus Hylaeus mesillae cressoni Hylaeus modestus citrinifrons Hylaeus modestus modestus Hylaeus nevadensis Hylaeus pictipes Nylander 1852
Little Yellow-faced Bee
Hylaeus punctatus Hylaeus rudbeckiae (Cockerell and Casad 1895)
Hylaeus rudbeckiae
Hylaeus saniculae Hylaeus sparsus Hylaeus verticalis Hylaeus wootoni Lasioglossum aberrans (Crawford, 1903)
Lasioglossum aberrans
Lasioglossum acuminatum McGinley, 1986
Pointed Sweat Bee
Lasioglossum albipenne (Robertson, 1890)
White-winged Sweat Bee
Lasioglossum albohirtum (Crawford, 1907)
Lasioglossum albohirtum
Lasioglossum anhypops McGinley, 1986
Miteless Sweat Bee
Lasioglossum anomalum (Robertson, 1892)
Anomalous Metallic Sweat Bee
Lasioglossum arctoum (Vachal, 1904)
Lasioglossum arctoum
Lasioglossum athabascense (Sandhouse, 1933)
Athabasca Sweat Bee
Lasioglossum atriventre (Crawford, 1906)
Lasioglossum atriventre
Lasioglossum brunneiventre (Crawford, 1907)
Brown-bellied Sweat Bee
Lasioglossum callidum (Sandhouse, 1924)
Crafty Sweat Bee
Lasioglossum cattellae (Ellis, 1913)
Lasioglossum cattellae
Lasioglossum ceanothi (Mitchell, 1960)
Ceanothus Sweat Bee
Lasioglossum cephalotes (Dalla Torre, 1896)
Lasioglossum cephalotes
Lasioglossum cinctipes (Provancher, 1888)
Band-footed Sweat Bee
Lasioglossum coeruleum (Robertson, 1893)
Deep-blue Sweat Bee
Lasioglossum colatum (Vachal, 1904)
Classy Sweat Bee
Lasioglossum comagenense (Knerer and Atwood, 1964)
Hardy Sweat Bee
Lasioglossum cordleyi (Crawford, 1906)
Cordley's Sweat Bee
Lasioglossum coriaceum (Smith, 1853)
Leathery Sweat Bee
Lasioglossum cressonii (Robertson, 1890)
Cresson s Sweat Bee
Lasioglossum dashwoodi Gibbs, 2010
Dashwood s Sweat Bee
Lasioglossum disparile (Cresson, 1872)
Lasioglossum disparile
Lasioglossum dreisbachi (Mitchell, 1960)
Dreisbach s Sweat Bee
Lasioglossum dubitatum (Mitchell, 1960)
Lasioglossum dubitatum
Lasioglossum ebmerellum Gibbs, 2010
Ebmer s Sweat Bee
Lasioglossum egregium (Vachal 1904)
Distinguished Sweat Bee
Lasioglossum ellisiae (Sandhouse, 1924)
Ellis s Sweat Bee
Lasioglossum ephialtum Gibbs, 2010
Nightmare Sweat Bee
Lasioglossum fattigi (Mitchell, 1960)
Fattig s Sweat Bee
Lasioglossum forbesii (Robertson, 1890)
Forbes s Sweat Bee
Lasioglossum foveolatum (Robertson, 1902)
Foveolate Sweat Bee
Lasioglossum foxii (Robertson, 1890)
Fox s Sweat Bee
Lasioglossum furunculum Gibbs, 2011
Lasioglossum furunculum
Lasioglossum fuscipenne (Smith, 1853)
Dark-winged Sweat Bee
Lasioglossum georgeickworti Gibbs, 2011
George Eickwort s Sweat Bee
Lasioglossum gotham Gibbs, 2011
Gotham Sweat Bee
Lasioglossum hemimelas (Cockerell, 1901)
Lasioglossum hemimelas
Lasioglossum heterognathus (Mitchell, 1960)
Wide-mouthed Sweat Bee
Lasioglossum hitchensi Gibbs 2012
Hitchens s Sweat Bee
Lasioglossum hudsoniellum (Cockerell, 1919)
Hudsonian Sweat Bee
Lasioglossum hyalinum (Crawford, 1907)
Hyaline Sweat Bee
Lasioglossum illinoense (Robertson, 1892)
Illinois Sweat Bee
Lasioglossum imitatum (Smith, 1853)
Bristle Sweat Bee
Lasioglossum incompletum (Crawford, 1907)
Incomplete Sweat Bee
Lasioglossum izawsum Gibbs, 2011
Awesome Sweat Bee
Lasioglossum kincaidii (Cockerell, 1898)
Kincaid s Sweat Bee
Lasioglossum knereri Gibbs, 2010
Knerer s Sweat Bee
Lasioglossum laevissimum (Smith, 1853)
Very Smooth Sweat Bee
Lasioglossum leucocomus Lovell, 1908
White-haired Golden Sweat Bee
Lasioglossum leucozonium (Schrank, 1781)
White-zoned Furrow Bee
Lasioglossum lineatulum (Crawford, 1906)
Lineated Metallic Sweat Bee
Lasioglossum lusorium (Cresson, 1872)
Western Evening Primrose Sweat Bee
Lasioglossum lustrans (Cockerell, 1897)
Carolina Desert Chicory Sweat Bee
Lasioglossum macoupinense (Robertson, 1895)
Macoupin County Sweat Bee
Lasioglossum macroprosopum Gibbs, 2010
Long-faced Sweat Bee
Lasioglossum marinense (Michener, 1936)
Marin County Sweat Bee
Lasioglossum mellipes (Crawford, 1907)
Lasioglossum mellipes
Lasioglossum michiganense (Mitchell, 1960)
Michigan Sweat Bee
Lasioglossum nelumbonis (Robertson, 1890)
Water-lily Sweat Bee
Lasioglossum nevadense (Crawford, 1907)
Nevada Sweat Bee
Lasioglossum nigroviride (Graenicher, 1910)
Black-and-green Dialictus Sweat Bee
Lasioglossum nigrum (Viereck, 1903)
Black Sweat Bee
Lasioglossum novascotiae (Mitchell, 1960)
Nova Scotia Sweat Bee
Lasioglossum oblongum (Lovell, 1905)
Oblong Sweat Bee
Lasioglossum obscurum (Robertson, 1892)
Obscure Sweat Bee
Lasioglossum oenotherae (Stevens, 1920)
Evening Primrose Sweat Bee
Lasioglossum olympiae (Cockerell, 1898)
Olympia Sweat Bee
Lasioglossum onuferkoi Gardner and Gibbs, 2021
Lasioglossum onuferkoi
Lasioglossum ovaliceps (Cockerell, 1898)
Oval-headed Sweat Bee
Lasioglossum pacatum (Sandhouse, 1924)
Peaceful Sweat Bee
Lasioglossum pacificum (Cockerell, 1898)
Pacific Sweat Bee
Lasioglossum packeri Gibbs, 2010
Packer s Sweat Bee
Lasioglossum pallidellum (Ellis, 1914)
Small White-haired Sweat Bee
Lasioglossum paradmirandum (Knerer and Atwood)
Lasioglossum paradmirandum
Lasioglossum paraforbesii McGinley, 1986
Bald-spot Sweat Bee
Lasioglossum pectorale (Smith, 1853)
Dull-breasted Sweat Bee
Lasioglossum pectoraloides (Cockerell, 1895)
Shiny-breasted Sweat Bee
Lasioglossum perpunctatum (Ellis, 1913)
Densely Punctured Sweat Bee
Lasioglossum pictum (Crawford, 1902)
Decorated Sweat Bee
Lasioglossum pilosum (Smith, 1853)
Hairy Sweat Bee
Lasioglossum planatum (Lovell, 1905)
Flattened Sweat Bee
Lasioglossum platyparium (Robertson, 1895)
Lasioglossum platyparium
Lasioglossum prasinogaster Gibbs, 2010
Green-bellied Sweat Bee
Lasioglossum pruinosum (Robertson, 1892)
Pruinose Metallic Sweat Bee
Lasioglossum quebecense (Crawford, 1907)
Quebec Sweat Bee
Lasioglossum rufulipes (Cockerell, 1938)
Red Sweat Bee
Lasioglossum ruidosense (Cockerell, 1897)
Ruidoso Sweat Bee
Lasioglossum sagax (Sandhouse, 1924)
Shrewd Sweat Bee
Lasioglossum sandhousiellum Gibbs, 2010
Sandhouse s Sweat Bee
Lasioglossum sedi (Sandhouse, 1924)
Sedum Sweat Bee
Lasioglossum semicaeruleum (Cockerell, 1895)
Lasioglossum semicaeruleum
Lasioglossum sheffieldi Gibbs, 2010
Sheffield s Sweat Bee
Lasioglossum sisymbrii (Cockerell, 1895)
Tansy Mustard Sweat Bee
Lasioglossum sitocleptum Gibbs, 2010
Food-thief Sweat Bee
Lasioglossum smilacinae (Robertson, 1897)
Mayflower Sweat Bee
Lasioglossum subversans (Mitchell, 1960)
Brassy-faced Sweat Bee
Lasioglossum subviridatum (Cockerell, 1938)
Western Green Sweat Bee
Lasioglossum succinipenne (Ellis, 1913)
Lasioglossum succinipenne
Lasioglossum swenki (Crawford, 1906)
Swenk s Sweat Bee
Lasioglossum synthyridis (Cockerell, 1906)
Figwort Sweat Bee
Lasioglossum taylorae Gibbs, 2010
Taylor s Sweat Bee
Lasioglossum titusi (Crawford, 1902)
Titus s Sweat Bee
Lasioglossum trizonatum (Cresson, 1874)
Three-zoned Sweat Bee
Lasioglossum truncatum (Robertson, 1901)
Truncate Sweat Bee
Lasioglossum versans (Lovell, 1905)
Friendless Sweat Bee
Lasioglossum versatum (Robertson, 1902)
Experienced Sweat Bee
Lasioglossum viridatum (Lovell, 1905)
Eastern Green Sweat Bee
Lasioglossum weemsi (Mitchell, 1960)
Weems s Sweat Bee
Lasioglossum yukonae Gibbs, 2010
Yuko s Sweat Bee
Lasioglossum zephyrus (Smith, 1853)
Zephyr Sweat Bee
Lasioglossum zonulus (Smith, 1848)
Bull-headed Furrow Bee
Megachile apicalis Spinola, 1808
Apical Leafcutter Bee
Megachile centuncularis Megachile circumcincta (Kirby, 1802)
Megachile circumcincta
Megachile ericetorum Megachile frigida frigida Megachile inermis Megachile inimica Cresson, 1872
Megachile inimica
Megachile lapponica Megachile latimanus Megachile manifesta Megachile montivaga Megachile pugnata pomonae Megachile pugnata pugnata Megachile relativa Megachile rotundata (Fabricius, 1787)
Alfalfa Leafcutter Bee
Megachile sculpturalis sculpturalis Smith, 1853
Giant Resin Bee
Melecta separata separata Cresson, 1879
Melecta separata separata
Melissodes apicatus Lovell and Cockerell, 1906
Pickerelweed Long-horned Bee
Melissodes bidentis Cockerell, 1914
Two-toothed Long-horned Bee
Melissodes bimaculatus bimaculatus Melissodes bimatris LaBerge, 1961
Mothered Long-horned Bee
Melissodes communis alopex Melissodes communis communis Melissodes confusa Melissodes coreopsis Melissodes dagosus Cockerell, 1909
Melissodes dagosus
Melissodes denticulatus Melissodes desponsus Smith, 1854
Thistle Long-horned Bee
Melissodes druriellus Melissodes illata Melissodes lupinus Cresson, 1878 Melissodes lutulenta Melissodes menuachus Melissodes microsticta Melissodes pallidisignatus Cockerell, 1905
Pale-marked Long-horned Bee
Melissodes perlusa Melissodes rivalis Cresson, 1872
Rival Long-horned Bee
Melissodes saponellus Melissodes semilupina Melissodes snowii Melissodes subagilis Melissodes subillata Melissodes trinodis Melissodes tristis Cockerell, 1894
Melissodes tristis
Melissodes utahensis Nomada accepta Cresson, 1878
Nomada accepta
Nomada alboguttata Herrich-Schäffer, 1839
Nomada alboguttata
Nomada armatella Cockerell, 1903
Nomada armatella
Nomada articulata Smith, 1854
Nomada articulata
Nomada besseyi Swenk, 1913
Nomada besseyi
Nomada BOLD:AAD4996 Nomada BOLD:AAM4363 Nomada BOLD:ADH4007 Nomada BOLD:AEM8302 Nomada citrina Cresson, 1878
Nomada citrina
Nomada civilis Cresson, 1878
Nomada civilis
Nomada composita Mitchell, 1962
Nomada composita
Nomada corvallisensis Cockerell, 1903
Nomada corvallisensis
Nomada cressonii Robertson, 1893
Nomada cressonii
Nomada cuneata (Robertson, 1903)
Nomada cuneata
Nomada dentariae (Robertson, 1903)
Nomada dentariae
Nomada depressa Cresson, 1863
Nomada depressa
Nomada edwardsii Cresson, 1878
Nomada edwardsii
Nomada fuscicincta Swenk, 1915 Nomada gracilis Cresson, 1863
Nomada gracilis
Nomada illinoensis Robertson, 1900
Nomada illinoensis
Nomada imbricata Smith, 1854
Nomada imbricata
Nomada integerrima Dalla Torre, 1896
Nomada integerrima
Nomada lehighensis Cockerell, 1903
Lehigh Nomada Bee
Nomada lepida Cresson, 1863
Nomada lepida
Nomada leucophthalma (Kirby, 1802)
Nomada leucophthalma
Nomada lewisi Cockerell, 1903
Nomada lewisi
Nomada luteola Olivier, 1812
Nomada luteola
Nomada luteoloides Robertson, 1895
Nomada luteoloides
Nomada maculata Cresson, 1863
Nomada maculata
Nomada mutans Cockerell, 1910
Nomada mutans
Nomada nigrocincta Smith, 1879
Nomada nigrocincta
Nomada obliterata Cresson, 1863
Nomada obliterata
Nomada ovata (Robertson, 1903)
Nomada ovata
Nomada panzeri Lepeletier, 1841
Nomada panzeri
Nomada parva Robertson, 1900
Nomada parva
Nomada pascoensis Cockerell, 1903
Nomada pascoensis
Nomada perbella (Viereck, 1905)
Nomada perbella
Nomada placida Cresson, 1863
Nomada placida
Nomada pygmaea Cresson, 1863
Nomada pygmaea
Nomada quadrimaculata (Robertson, 1903)
Nomada quadrimaculata
Nomada rhodomelas Cockerell, 1903
Nomada rhodomelas
Nomada rubicunda Olivier, 1811
Nomada rubicunda
Nomada sayi Robertson, 1893
Nomada sayi
Nomada sobrina Mitchell, 1962
Nomada sobrina
Nomada sphaerogaster Cockerell, 1903
Nomada sphaerogaster
Nomada superba Cresson, 1863
Nomada superba
Nomada texana Cresson, 1872
Texas Nomad Bee
Nomada valida Smith, 1854
Nomada valida
Nomada vicina Cresson, 1863
Nomada vicina
Nomada xantholepis Cockerell, 1911 Nomia melanderi Cockerell, 1906
Alkali Bee
Osmia bicornis (Linnaeus, 1758)
Red Mason Bee
Osmia brevis brevis Osmia bucephala Cresson, 1864
Bufflehead Mason Bee
Osmia caerulescens caerulescens Osmia calla Osmia cobaltina Osmia collinsiae Osmia cornifrons (Radoszkowski, 1887)
Horn-faced Bee
Osmia cyanella Osmia densa densa Osmia distincta Cresson, 1864
Beardtongue Scraper Bee
Osmia dolerosa Osmia ednae Osmia exigua Osmia felti Osmia gabrielis Cockerell, 1910
Osmia gabrielis
Osmia giliarum Cockerell, 1906
Osmia giliarum
Osmia grindeliae Osmia illinoensis Robertson, 1897
Illinois Mason Bee
Osmia inermis (Zetterstedt, 1838)
Mountain Mason Bee
Osmia inspergens Lovell and Cockerell, 1907
Osmia inspergens
Osmia integra Osmia inurbana Osmia juxta juxta Osmia kincaidii Osmia laticeps Osmia lignaria lignaria Osmia lignaria propinqua Cresson, 1864
Western Blue Orchard Bee
Osmia longula Osmia malina Osmia maritima Friese, 1885
Maritime Mason Bee
Osmia melanopleura Osmia michiganensis Osmia nanula Osmia nearctica Rightmyer, Griswold, and Arduser, 2010
Nearctic Mason Bee
Osmia nemoris Osmia nifoata Osmia nigrifrons Osmia nigriventris Osmia nigrobarbata Osmia novaescotiae Cockerell, 1912
Nova Scotia Mason Bee
Osmia obliqua Osmia odontogaster Osmia paradisica Osmia pentstemonis Osmia phaceliae Osmia pikei Osmia proxima Osmia pulsatillae Osmia pumila Osmia pusilla Osmia raritatis Osmia regulina Osmia sculleni Sandhouse, 1939
Scullen s Mason Bee
Osmia sedula Osmia simillima Smith, 1853
Similar Mason Bee
Osmia subarctica Cockerell, 1912
Osmia subartica
Osmia tanneri Sandhouse, 1939
Tanner s Mason Bee
Osmia tarsata Osmia tersula Osmia trevoris Osmia tristella tristella Osmia unca Osmia virga Sandhouse, 1939
Twig Mason Bee
Protandrena (Pterosarus) albertensis (Cockerell, 1937) Protandrena aestivalis (Provancher, 1882)
Protandrena aestivalis
Protandrena irregularis (Cockerell, 1922)
Protandrena irregularis
Protandrena piercei (Crawford, 1903)
Protandrena piercei
Protandrena renimaculatus (Cockerell, 1896)
Protandrena renimaculatus
Protosmia rubifloris (Cockerell, 1898)
Protosmia rubifloris
Pseudoanthidium nanum (Mocsáry, 1881)
European Small-Woolcarder
Pseudopanurgus aestivalis (Provancher, 1882)
Pseudopanurgus aestivalis
Pseudopanurgus aethiops (Cresson, 1872)
Pseudopanurgus aethiops
Pseudopanurgus albitarsis (Cresson 1872)
Pseudopanurgus albitarsis
Pseudopanurgus andrenoides (Smith, 1853)
Pseudopanurgus andrenoides
Pseudopanurgus didirupa (Cockerell, 1908)
Pseudopanurgus didirupa
Pseudopanurgus innuptus (Cockerell, 1896)
Pseudopanurgus innuptus
Pseudopanurgus parvus (Robertson, 1892)
Pseudopanurgus parvus
Pseudopanurgus pauper (Cresson, 1878)
Pseudopanurgus pauper
Pseudopanurgus pecki (Cockerell 1937)
Pseudopanurgus pecki
Pseudopanurgus rudbeckiae (Robertson, 1895)
Pseudopanurgus rudbeckiae
Pseudopanurgus simulans (Swenk and Cockerell, 1907)
Pseudopanurgus simulans
Pseudopanurgus solidaginis (Robertson, 1893)
Pseudopanurgus solidaginis
Sphecodes cressonii (Robertson, 1903)
Sphecodes cressonii
Sphecodes lautipennis Cockerell, 1908
Sphecodes lautipennis
Sphecodes levis Lovell and Cockerell, 1907
Sphecodes levis
Sphecodes mandibularis Cresson, 1872
Sphecodes mandibularis
Sphecodes minor Robertson, 1898
Minor Cuckoo Sweat Bee
Sphecodes pecosensis pecosensis Cockerell, 1904
Pecos Cuckoo Sweat Bee
Sphecodes persimilis Lovell and Cockerell 1907
Sphecodes persimilis
Sphecodes pimpinellae Robertson, 1900
Sphecodes pimpinellae
Sphecodes politulus Cockerell, 1937
Sphecodes politulus
Sphecodes prosphorus Lovell and Cockerell, 1907
Sphecodes prosphorus
Sphecodes pusillus Cockerell, 1937
Sphecodes pusillus
Sphecodes pycnanthemi Robertson, 1897
Sphecodes pycnanthemi
Sphecodes ranunculi Robertson, 1897
Sphecodes ranunculi
Sphecodes smilacinae Robertson, 1897
Sphecodes smilacinae
Sphecodes solidaginis Cockerell, 1973
Sphecodes solidaginis
Sphecodes stygius Robertson 1893
Sphecodes stygius
Sphecodes townesi Mitchell, 1956
Townes\'s Cuckoo Sweat Bee
Stelis carnifex Cockerell, 1911
Executioner Cuckoo Carder Bee
Stelis coarctatus Crawford, 1916
Constrained Cuckoo Carder Bee
Stelis elegans Cresson, 1864
Elegant Cuckoo Carder Bee
Stelis foederalis Smith, 1854
Federal Cuckoo Carder Bee
Stelis interrupta Cresson, 1879
Interrupted Cuckoo Carder Bee
Stelis labiata Provancher, 1888
Kissing Cuckoo Carder Bee
Stelis lateralis Cresson, 1864
Laterally-marked Cuckoo Carder Bee
Stelis montana Cresson, 1864
Montana Cuckoo Carder Bee
Stelis permaculata Cockerell, 1898
Sixteen-spotted Cuckoo Carder Bee
Stelis subemarginata Cresson, 1878
Subemarginate Cuckoo Carder Bee
Svastra obliqua obliqua (Say, 1837)
Svastra obliqua obliqua
Triepeolus paenepectoralis Viereck, 1905
Triepeolus paenepectoralis
Triepeolus pectoralis (Robertson, 1897)
Triepeolus pectoralis
Triepeolus rhododontus Cockerell, 1921
Triepeolus rhododontus
Triepeolus sarothrinus (Cockerell, 1929)
Triepeolus sarothrinus
Xenoglossa albata (Cresson, 1872)
White-clothed Longhorn