Scientific Name: Lasioglossum abundipunctum Gibbs, 2010

Common Name: Abundantly Punctured Sweat Bee


Lasioglossum (Dialictus) abundipunctum Gibbs 2010: 46 [♀]

     Holotype ♀. CANADA, Alberta, 15 km S Three Hills, Hwy 21, 51.49484, -113.23214, 702 m, 15 June 2007, J. Gibbs, C. Sheffield [PCYU no. PYU-1619]


Species Notes 

The ♂‚ is unknown. Though described from Alberta, this species was recently reported in British Columbia by Elwell et al. (2016). 

The DNA Barcode Index Number (BIN) for this species is BOLD:AAE1318.



Little is known about the biology of this species (described in 2010), though it is likely eusocial like most other Lasioglossum, subgenus Dialictus. Gibbs (2010) indicated that this species was uncommon.


Extent of Occurrence (EOO) in Canada (http://geocat.kew.org/): 3,931 km2

Index of Area of Occupancy (IAO) in Canada (http://geocat.kew.org/): 48 km2



Elwell SL, Griswold T, Elle E (2016) Habitat type plays a greater role than livestock grazing in structuring shrubsteppe plant–pollinator communities. Journal of Insect Conservation 20(3): 515 525. https://doi.org/10.1007/s10841-016-9884-8

Gibbs J (2010) Revision of the metallic species of Lasioglossum (Dialictus) in Canada (Hymenoptera, Halictidae, Halictini). Zootaxa 2591: 1 382.

Sociality: Presumed Eusocial
Nesting: Ground
Pollen Specialization: Polylectic
Wintering Stage: Mated Female

Crop Preference: Not Available
Non Crop Preference: Descurainia pinnata, Astragalus flavus, Dalea sp., Dalea villosa, Phacelia hastata, Sphaeralcea sp., Ericameria nauseosa

Distribution: Alberta
Ecozone: Prairie, Western Interior Basin

Distribution Map