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Anthophora terminalis pernigra Cresson, 1879


Scientific Name: Anthophora terminalis pernigra Cresson, 1879

Common Name: Western Orange-tipped Wood-digger Bee


Anthophora pernigra Cresson, 1879: 210 [♀].

            Holotype ♀. USA, Nevada, by Morrison [ANSP no. ].

Podalirius syringae Cockerell, 1898. Proc. Acad. Nat. Sci. Philid. 50: 54 [♂].

Holotype locality: Olympia, Washington.

Clisodon neofurcata Sladen, 1919. Can. Ent. 51: 125.

Podalirius sibiricus Gussakovskij, 1932

Clisodon terminalis sperryi Cockerell, 1937. Bull. South. Calif. Acad. Sci. 36: 107 [♂].



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Cresson, E.T. 1879. Descriptions of new North American Hymenoptera in the collection of the American Entomological Society. Transactions of the American Entomological Society 7: 201-214.

Body length: ♀ 12 - 14 mm ♂ 12 mm

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