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Andrena ceanothifloris cretata LaBerge, 1980


Scientific Name: Andrena ceanothifloris cretata LaBerge, 1980

Common Name: Ceanothus Flower Miner Bee


Andrena ceanothifloris Linsley, 1938: 270 [♀, ♂].

     Holotype . USA, California, San Jacinto Mtns, two miles north of Pine Cove, approx. 6000 ft., 10 July 1936, by E.G. Linsley, on Ceanothus integerrimus [CAS no. 4231]

Andrena (Andrena) ceanothifloris cretata LaBerge, 1980: 518 [♀, ♂].

     Holotype . USA, Oregon, Klamath County, Klamath Lake, Eagle Ridge, 29 May 1924, by C.L. Fox [CAS].


DNA Barcode Index Number (BIN): BOLD:AAV7669

Distribution in Canada: LaBerge 1980 [BC].


LaBerge WE (1980) A revision of the bees of the genus Andrena of the Western Hemisphere. Part X. Subgenus Andrena. Transactions of the American Entomological Society 106(4): 395-525.

Linsley EG (1938) Studies in the Andrenidae of North America–I (Hymenoptera). Proceedings of the California Academy of Sciences 23: 263-282.

Sociality: Solitary
Nesting: Ground
Pollen Specialization: Narrow Oligolecty
Wintering Stage: Adult

Crop Preference: Not Available
Non Crop Preference: Achillea sp., Ceanothus sp., Eriogonum sp., Salix sp., Symphoricarpos sp., Phacelia sp., Arctostaphylos sp., Ribes sp., Heracleum maximum, Ceanothus velutinus, Mentha pulegium

Distribution: British Columbia
Ecozone: Montane Cordillera

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