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Andrena cleodora (Viereck, 1904)


Scientific Name: Andrena cleodora (Viereck, 1904)

Common Name: Shiny-blue Scultpured Miner Bee


Trachandrena cleodora Viereck, in Viereck et al. 1904a: 158 [♀]

Andrena (Trachandrenalutzi Cockerell, 1931c: 12 [♀] [synonymy by P.H. Timberlake, in Cockerell (1932a)]

Andrena (Trachandrenamelanodora Cockerell, 1932c: 173 [♀,♂‚] [synonymy by LaBerge (1973)]


Note: ♂‚ of A. cleodora cleodora described by Cockerell (1932). Two subspecies are recognized, A. c. cleodora (Viereck) and A. cleodora melanodora Cockerell; only the former occurs in Canada. Interestingly, two closely associated BINs exist, one for material from YT and BC (BOLD:AAK0499) and one for the eastern side of the Rockies in AB (BOLD:ACM9017).

Sociality: Solitary
Nesting: Ground
Wintering Stage: Adult

Crop Preference: Not Available
Non Crop Preference: Not Available

Distribution: Alberta, British Columbia
Ecozone: Montane Cordillera, Pacific Maritime, Western Interior Basin

Distribution Map