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Lasioglossum achilleae (Mitchell, 1960)


Scientific Name: Lasioglossum achilleae (Mitchell, 1960)

Common Name: Achillea Sweat Bee


Dialictus achilleae Mitchell, 1960: 377 [♀].

     Holotype ♀. USA, North Carolina, Cruso, 25 June 1934, by T.B. Mitchelle, on Achillea [NCSU].


Taxonomic notes: The ♂ was briefly described by Gibbs (2011). 

DNA Barcode Index Number (BIN): BOLD:AAW9967

Biology: Little is known about the biology of this species, though it is likely eusocial like most other Lasioglossum, subgenus Dialictus

Distribution in Canada: Gibbs 2010 [ON], 2011 [ON].

This species was only recently found in Canada (Gibbs 2010), though is known from only two specimens.

Extent of Occurrence (EOO) in Canada ( N/A

Index of Area of Occupancy (IAO) in Canada ( 4 km2

Body length: ♀ 4.27 - 5.06 mm ♂ 4.50 - 4.56 mm

Forewing length: ♀ 3.72 - 3.78 mm ♂ 3.62 - 3.80 mm


Gibbs J (2010) Revision of the metallic species of Lasioglossum (Dialictus) in Canada (Hymenoptera, Halictidae, Halictini). Zootaxa 2591: 1-382.

Gibbs J (2011) Revision of the metallic Lasioglossum (Dialictus) of eastern North America (Hymenoptera: Halictidae: Halictini). Zootaxa 3073: 1-216.

Mitchell TB (1960) Bees of the Eastern United States. Volume 1. North Carolina Agricultural Experiment Station Technical Bulletin 141: 1-538.

Sociality: Presumed Eusocial
Nesting: Ground
Pollen Specialization: Polylectic
Wintering Stage: Mated Female

Crop Preference: Not Available
Non Crop Preference: Achillea sp., Ceanothus sp., Hydrangea sp.

Distribution: Ontario
Ecozone: Mixwood Plains

Distribution Map