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Andrena sayi Robertson, 1891


Scientific Name: Andrena sayi Robertson, 1891

Common Name: Say\'s Miner Bee


Andrena Sayi Robertson, 1891: 52 [, ].

     Lectotype , designated by Bousman and LaBerge (1979: 311). USA, Illinois, Carlinville, 28 April 1886, by C. Robertson, in copulo with on Staphylea trifolia [INHS].

Andrena (Gymnandrena) seviensis Mitchell, 1960: 132 []. Synonymy by ?

     Holotype ♀. USA, Tennesee, Sevier County, Chilhowee Mts., 12 May 1951, by A.C. Cole [Univ. Tenn.].

Andrena (Gymnandrena) sevierensis Krombein 1967: 434. Emended name for Andrena (Gymnandrena) seviensis Mitchell, 1960


Taxonomic notes: Robertson (1891: 52) indicated that Andrena sayi Robertson, 1891 may be a synonym of Andrena valida Say, 1837 or Andrena obscuripennis Smith, 1853, though the former was subsequently considered a species of Nomia Latreille, 1804 (Halictidae: Nomiinae Robertson, 1904) by H.L. Viereck (in Cockerell 1934: 4), which Cockerell (1934: 4) called Nomia heteropoda variety valida (Say, 1837). Blair (1935: 2010) subsequently recognized this as a subspecies of Nomia heteropoda Say, 1824 [= Dieunomia heteropoda (Say, 1824), later placed into synonymy under Dieunomia heteropoda heteropoda (Say, 1824) by Michener (1951: 1128). Andrena obscuripennis is a valid species, also in the subgenus Melandrena Pérez, 1890

Mitchell (1960: ) placed his Andrena seviensis Mitchell, 1960 in the subgenus Gymnandrena Hedicke, 1933 [= Melandrena Pérez, 1890, by isotypy, see Warncke 1968: 77), but indicated that the poorly developed propodeal corbicula was suggestive of the western Oligandrena Lanham, 1949.

Distribution in Canada: Mitchell 1960 [NB]; Krombein 1967 [NB]; Hurd 1979 [NB].

Despite earlier records of this species in New Brunswick, Canada (i.e., Mitchell 1960; Krombein 1967; Hurd 1979), this species was not recorded from Canada by Bouseman and LaBerge (1979: 311), and its presence has not been varified.



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Sociality: Solitary
Nesting: Ground
Wintering Stage: Adult

Crop Preference: Not Available
Non Crop Preference: Not Available

Distribution: New Brunswick
Ecozone: Atlantic Maritime