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March 15, 2024
Duarte et al. indicate that wild pollinators in Canada help to sustain, via nutrition tied to agricultural productivity, approximately 24.4 million people each year, with a economic value of ca. $2.8 billion CAD for farmers.
January 25, 2024
Cory Sheffield published a review of the Stelidium Robertson, 1902 group of the cuckoo bee genus Stelis Panzer, 1806 (subgenus Stelis Panzer, 1806), describing two new species, including one from British Columbia.
January 1, 2024
Jakub Straka et al. provide a phylogeny of Nomada Scopoli, 1770, the most speciose genus of cuckoo bees, in which 13 subgenera are recognized (nine described as new); Their classification also recognized Acanthonomada Schwarz, 1966 as a second genus within the Nomadini.
July 14, 2023
Felipe Freitas et al. provide an updated classification of eucerine bee phylogenetics, biogeography, and classification.
June 18, 2023
Thomas Onuferko et al. release a study of the responses of bees and aculeate wasps to dune stabilisation in dunes across the southern Canadian prairies.
May 31, 2023
Cory Sheffield and Kirsten Palmier discuss the recent and rapid spread of Bombus bimaculatus into the Canadian prairie provinces of Saskatchewan and Manitoba, and into Maritime Canada using a combination of data from GBIF (including Research Grade observations on iNaturalist) and museum specimens.
May 19, 2023
Cory Sheffield resurrected the name Agapostemon fasciatus Crawford from synonymy under A. melliventris Cresson, the former found in southern prairies of Alberta and Saskatchewan.
January 27, 2023
Jason Gibbs et al. provide the first comprehensive list of bee species in the province of Manitoba, recording 392 species (or morphospecies), an increase of 154 more species than reported in 2014, and including five new generic records for the province (Ashmeadiella, Brachymelecta, Eucera, Neolarra, and Triepeolus), and thirteen new species records for Canada.
November 18, 2022
Zachary Portman et al. provide a review of shiny green halictid bees of the midwestern USA, recognizing several species that had been previously considered synonyms with the genus Augochloropsis, particularly A. metallica (Fabricius).
June 24, 2022
Thomas Onuferko and Cory Sheffield described a new species of the genus Epeolus from western North America, with the type specimen from British Columbia.
November 10, 2021
Joel Gardner and Jason Gibbs described new species of Lasioglossum (Dialictus) from Canada, and provide an updated key to the species.
May 25, 2021
Cory Sheffield et al. clarify the taxonomy of several species of Agapostemon based on examination of type material, and provide a new name for a Cuban species.
May 24, 2021
Jason Gibbs et al. report on new records of the rare Epeoloides pilosulus from Manitoba, Canada.
April 26, 2021
Barry Hicks and Cory Sheffield record 38 species of bee from Labrador, including several new records.
January 26, 2021
Cory Sheffield splits Andrena transnigra into two species, resurrecting A. cyanura as a valid species; both occur in western Canada.
November 27, 2020
Joel Gardner and Jason Gibbs published a review of the red-tailed Lasioglossum, subgenus Dialictus, in the western Nearctic
November 4, 2020
Cory Sheffield et al. clarify the taxonomic status of a northern bumble bee, resurrecting Bombus johanseni Sladen as the valid name for the recently described B. interacti Martinet, Brasero and Rasmont.
August 30, 2019
Zachary M. Portman, Michael C. Orr, and Terry Griswold published a review and updated classification of pollen gathering behavior in bees
August 27, 2019
Thomas M. Onuferko, Petr Bogusch, Rafael R. Ferrari and Laurence Packer published on the phylogeny and biogeography of the cleptoparasitic bee genus Epeolus with a cophylogenetic analysis with its host bee genus Colletes
August 19, 2019
Brenna Decker and Alexandra Harmon-Threatt publish on the effects of burn season on bee and plant communities
August 15, 2019
Hollis Woodard and colleagues publish on the effect of diet and nutritional status on queen bumble bees
August 14, 2019
Susan Chan and colleages published on the risks of systemic pesticides in agricultural soils to ground nesting bees
August 1, 2019
Brian N. Danforth, Robert L. Minckley and John L. Neff published their new book The Solitary Bees. Biology, Evolution, Conservation
August 1, 2019
Irena Valterova and colleagues publish a review of bumble bee male pheromones
July 19, 2019
Hanna Chole and colleagues published a review of regulation and mechanisms determining body size in bees, and its relationship to social organization
June 1, 2019
Victoria MacPhail and colleagues publish on citizen science and assessment of the American Bumble Bee, Bombus pensylvanicus in Canada
January 24, 2019
Andrew M.R. Bennett, Cory S. Sheffield, and Jeremy R. deWaard publish a summary paper on the Hymenoptera of Canada
January 10, 2019
Kirsten Palmier and Cory Sheffield published occurrence data for Bombus impatiens in the prairie provinces, and its implications
December 1, 2018
Cory Sheffield and Jennifer Heron publish an annotated checklist of the bees of British Columbia
November 5, 2018
Michael Orr, James Pitts and Terry Griswold published a revision of the Anthophora subgenus Micranthophora
June 9, 2018
Barry Hicks and colleagues published on the threat of pathogen spillover to native bumble bees inside that venture inside commercial coloonies of Bombus impatiens
May 23, 2018
Sophie Cardinal published a book chapter on global bee diversity through geological time
May 18, 2018
Manuela Sann and colleagues published a phylogenomic anaysis on the sister group to the bees
May 12, 2018
The FAO's Global Action on Pollination Services for Sustainable Agriculture published an important two-volume compendium on cultivated plant pollination.
May 8, 2018
Thomas M. Onuferko (York University) published a key to the species of the cleptoparasitic bees of the genus Epeolus in the Nearctic region
May 7, 2018
Dino McMahon and colleagues published a review article on viruses in bees
April 1, 2018
Cory Sheffield and Jennifer Heron published on a new record of the very rare Macropis Cuckoo Bee, Epeoloides pilosulus, from Alberta, Canada
March 1, 2018
Kyle Martins and colleagues published on how croplands and surrounding landscapes sustain wild bees
December 1, 2017
Cory Sheffield and Jennifer Heron published on an unusual specimen of Lasioglossum from British Columbia
October 6, 2017
Cory Sheffield and colleages published on the status of the the DNA barcoding bees in Canada
March 30, 2017
Thomas Onuferko published an online key to the species of the cleptoparasitic bees of the genus Epeolus in Canada. A corrogendum for this work was also published
March 30, 2017
Thomas Onuferko published an online key to the species of the cleptoparasitic bees of the genus Epeolus in Canada. A corrogendum for this work was also published
February 11, 2016
Cory Sheffield and colleagues published on the biogeography and designatable units of Bombus occidentalis and B. terricola for conservation status assessment
December 1, 2015
Jennifer Heron and Cory Sheffield published on the first record of a member of the Lasioglossum petrellum species group from Canada