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Hoplitis louisae (Cockerell, 1934)


Scientific Name: Hoplitis louisae (Cockerell, 1934)

Common Name: Louise\'s Summer Mason Bee


Osmia louisae Cockerell, 1934: 14 [♀].

            Holotype ♀. USA, Idaho, Craters of the Moon, 18 June 1933, by L. Ireland [AMNH]

Osmia viridimicans Sandhouse, 1924: 360, 370 (not Osmia viridimicans Cockerell, 1897). Misidentification.

Hoplitus louisae Blades and Maier, 1996: 72. Lapsus of Hoplitis louisae (Cockerell, 1934).


Taxonomic notes: The species was named for Louise Ireland, the collector of the type specimen.

The ♂ was described by Michener (1936: 30, as Chlorosmia viridimicans (Cockerell, 1897) and Michener (1947: 309).

Sandhouse (1924: 360, as Osmia; 1939: 140, as Hoplitis) and Michener (1936: 29, as Chlorosmia) previously had misidentified this species as Hoplitis viridimicans (Cockerell, 1897) (see Michener 1947: 308), Sandhouse (1939: 140) mistakenly placing O. louisae Cockerell, 1934 into synonymy under H. viridimicans, though as indicated by Michener (1947: 310), she had not associated its ♂ properly.

DNA Barcode Index Number (BIN): BOLD:AAX1131

Distribution in Canada: Michener 1947 [BC]; Buckell 1950 [BC]; Hurd and Michener 1955 [BC]; Rowe 2017 [BC]; Sheffield and Heron 2019 [BC].

Records of this species in Canada are scarce (i.e., a single specimen). Michener (1947: 310) recorded it from BC, likely based on the specimen mentioned by Buckell (1950: 22) from “Chilcotin”, BC [presumably Riske Creek] as he indicated that C.D. Michener identified the specimen and had reported that it had previously only been recorded as far north as Oregon and Idaho in the United States. Buckell (1950: 22) provided the following data: 28 May 1929, 1♂, at 3,500 ft., Lat. 52.


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Sociality: Solitary
Nesting: Cavity Renter
Pollen Specialization: Polylectic
Wintering Stage: Mature Larva

Crop Preference: Not Available
Non Crop Preference: Not Available

Distribution: British Columbia
Ecozone: Western Interior Basin

Distribution Map