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Andrena nevadensis (Cresson, 1879)


Scientific Name: Andrena nevadensis (Cresson, 1879)

Common Name: Nevada Miner Bee


Panurgus nevadensis Cresson, 1879: 214 [♂].

     Lectotype ♂, designated by Cresson (1916: 125). USA, Nevada, by H.K. Morrison [ANSP no. 2166].

*Andrena (Parandrena) garretti Viereck, 1924: 243 [♂]. Synonymy by LaBerge and Ribble (1972: 341).

     Holotype ♂. CANADA, British Columbia, Oliver, 23 April 1923, by C.B. Carrett [CNC no. 758].

*Andrena (Parandrena) triangularis Viereck, 1924: 243 [♀]. Synonymy by LaBerge and Ribble (1972: 341).

     Holotype ♀. CANADA, British Columbia, Penticton, 15 April 1919, by E.R. Buckell [CNC no 756].


Distribution in Canada: Viereck 1924 [BC, as Andrena garretti Viereck, 1924, type locality, as Andrena triangularis Viereck, 1924, type locality]; Linsley 1951 [BC, as Andrena garretti Viereck, 1924; BC, as Andrena triangularis Viereck, 1924]; LaBerge and Ribble 1972 [BC]; Sheffield and Heron 2019 [BC].




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Sociality: Solitary
Nesting: Ground
Pollen Specialization: Narrow Oligolecty
Wintering Stage: Adult

Crop Preference: Not Available
Non Crop Preference: Salix sp., Senecio sp., Tamarix sp., Ribes sp., Acer sp.

Distribution: British Columbia
Ecozone: Western Interior Basin

Distribution Map