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Nomada scita Cresson, 1878


Scientific Name: Nomada scita Cresson, 1878

Common Name: Nomada scita


Nomada scita Cresson, 1878: 77 [♂].

     Holotype ♂. USA, Colorado, by Morrison [ANSP no 2580].


Taxonomic Notes: The ♀ has not been described, but specimens with matching BINs have been DNA barcodes from Saskatchewan. Cockerell (1911: 648) gave a brief mention of the female, and also indicated again that he felt N. martinella Cockerell (described from the female) was probably conspecific with N. scita, which he stated when he described it (Cockerell 1903: 590) but indicated that the female of N. scita was somewhat smaller, and a bit darker. Swenk (1913: 27) also mentioned females but did not describe them.

The males are similar to N. erigeronis Robertson in sharing the characteristic spine on flagellum 3, though differ in having the middle region of the flagellum (annulus) pale, not dark as in N. erigeronis (Cockerell 1903: 592). Cockerell (1903: 591) described N. scitiformis, also from the male, and suggested it could represent a variety, the differences mostly in extent of colouration.

Biology: The specific host is unknown, but some members of the erigeronis group (=Centrias) are cleptoparasites of Agapostemon (Giles and Ascher 2006: 217).

DNA Barcode Index Number (BIN): BOLD:ACE5883

Distribution in Canada: Criddle et al. 1924 [BC]; Sheffield and Heron 2019 [BC], [AB, SK]


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Sociality: Parasitic
Nesting: Ground
Pollen Specialization: Not Applicable

Crop Preference: Not Available
Non Crop Preference: Not Available

Distribution: Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan
Ecozone: Prairie, Western Interior Basin

Distribution Map