Scientific Name: Lasioglossum platyparium (Robertson, 1895)

Common Name: Lasioglossum platyparium


Halictus platyparius Robertson, 1895: 117 [♀]

     Lectotype ♀ [designated by LaBerge, in Webb 1980: ]. USA, Illinois, Carlinville, 18 May 1887, by C. Robertson [INHS no. 3995]


Species Notes

The ♂‚ was described by Mitchell (1960).

The DNA Barcode Index Number (BIN) for this species is BOLD:ACE6636.



♀ body length: 4.58–5.80 mm; head length: 1.39–1.51 mm; head width: 1.63–1.80 mm; forewing length: 3.48–3.84 mm

♂‚ body length: 4.64–5.25 mm; head length: 1.30–1.42 mm; head width: 1.34–1.44 mm; forewing length: 2.93–3.66 mm



This species is a social parasite, and hosts include other Lasioglossum, subgenus Dialictus, though the specific host(s) are unknown. Gibbs (2010, 2011) indicated that this species was uncommon, though it is likely the common parasitic Lasioglossum collected. Gibbs (2010) incidcated that no Canadian records were known, though Gibbs (2011) records it from Ontario. 


Extent of Occurrence (EOO) in Canada (http://geocat.kew.org/): N/A

Index of Area of Occupancy (IAO) in Canada (http://geocat.kew.org/): 4 km2



Gibbs J (2010) Revision of the metallic species of Lasioglossum (Dialictus) in Canada (Hymenoptera, Halictidae, Halictini). Zootaxa 2591: 1-382.

Gibbs J (2011) Revision of the metallic Lasioglossum (Dialictus) of eastern North America (Hymenoptera: Halictidae: Halictini). Zootaxa 3073: 1-216.

Robertson C (1895) Notes on bees, with descriptions of new species. Transactions of the American Entomological Society 22(2): 115‑128. http://www.jstor.org/stable/25076640


Sociality: Social Parasite
Nesting: Ground
Pollen Specialization: Not Applicable
Wintering Stage: Mated Female

Crop Preference: Cucurbita pepo
Non Crop Preference: Symphyotrichum ericoides, Solidago nemoralis, Taraxacum sp., Rhus sp., Erigeron sp., Pycnanthemum sp., Symphyotrichum pilosum, Zanthoxylum americanum, Salix cordata, Zizia aurea, Symphyotrichum lateriflorum var. lateriflorum, Pseudognaphalium obtusifolium, Cynanchum laeve

Distribution: Ontario
Ecozone: Mixwood Plains

Distribution Map