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Stelis rubi Cockerell, 1898


Scientific Name: Stelis rubi Cockerell, 1898

Common Name: Blackberry Cuckoo Carder Bee


Stelis rubi Cockerell, 1898: 167 [♀].

     Holotype ♀. USA, Washington, Seattle, 11 May 1897, by T. Kincaid, on Rubus ursinus [USNM no 18979].

Melanostelis betheli Ashmead, 1898: 283 [♀]. Synonymy by Cockerell (1899: 311; 1925: 207).

     Holotype ♀. USA, Washington, Olympia, 2 June 1897, by L. Bethel [??].

Chelynia rubri Sladen, 1916 : 312. Lapsus of[Stelis] rubi Cockerell, 1898.


Taxonomic Notes: The ♂ was described by Swenk (1914: 9), though he incorrectly referred to it as an allotype.

Distribution in Canada: Cockerell 1912 [BC]; Sladen 1916 [AB, as "S. rubri" Cockerell]; Gibson 1917 [ AB, as "S. rubri" Cockerell]; Buckell 1950 [BC, as S. rubri Cockerell]; Sheffield et al. 2014 [AB]; Sheffield and Heron 2019 [BC].


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Sociality: Parasitic
Nesting: Cavity Renter
Pollen Specialization: Not Applicable
Wintering Stage: Mature Larva

Crop Preference: Not Available
Non Crop Preference: Erigeron sp., Rubus ursinus

Distribution: Alberta, British Columbia
Ecozone: Montane Cordillera, Prairie, Western Interior Basin

Distribution Map