Scientific Name: Megachile addenda Cresson, 1878

Common Name: Megachile addenda


Megachile addenda Cresson, 1878: 124 [♀,♂‚]

     Lectotype ♀ [desingated by Cresson 1916: 110]. USA, Georgia [ANSP no. 2418].

Megachile manumuskin Viereck, 1902: 28 [♀,♂‚] [synonymy by Viereck 1906: 696; Mitchell 1927: 178].

     Syntypes ?♀. USA, New Jersey, Manumuskni, 24 July 1901, by E. Daecke [ANSP no. 10136].


Species Notes

Though Mitchell (1927: 178) placed M. manumuskin Viereck into synonymy under M. addenda Cresson, Viereck (1906) indicated this two decades previous, so is given credit here.

The DNA Barcode Index Number (BIN) for this species is BOLD:AAE1212.




Graenicher (1905) indicated that nests of this species were attacked by the cuckoo Coelioxys funeraria Smith (as C. lucrosa Cresson) or a closely related species as a nest parasite of Megachile addenda Cresson.



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Sociality: Solitary
Nesting: Ground
Wintering Stage: Mature Larva

Crop Preference: Not Available
Non Crop Preference: Not Available

Distribution: Ontario, Quebec
Ecozone: Boreal Shield, Mixwood Plains

Distribution Map