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Megachile addenda Cresson, 1878


Scientific Name: Megachile addenda Cresson, 1878

Common Name: Cranberry Leafcutter Bee


Megachile addenda Cresson, 1878: 124 [♀, ♂].

     Lectotype ♀, desingated by Cresson (1916: 110). USA, Georgia [ANSP no. 2418].

Megachile manumuskin Viereck, 1902: 328 [♀, ♂]. Synonymy by Viereck (1910: 696).

     Lectotype[s] ♀, designated by Cresson (1928: 68). USA, New Jersey, Manumuskin, 24 June 1901, by E. Daecke [ANSP no. 10136].


Taxonomic notes: Though Mitchell (1927: 178) placed M. manumuskin Viereck into synonymy under M. addenda Cresson, Viereck (1910: 696) indicated this two decades previous, so is given credit here.

Cresson (1928: 68) designated a lectotype of Megachile manumuskin Viereck from Viereck’s “cotype” series (two specimens) from Manumuskin, NJ (chosen as the type locality by Viereck 1902: 329). Because both specimens share the same date and location, they are not distinguishable from one another, and both must be considered cotypes unless the catalogue number indicated by Cresson (1928: 68) is applicable to one specimen only. Mitchell (1927: 178) also examined the “type” of M. manumuskin, making the synonymy above, though did not provide enough information to distinguish the two specimens. 

DNA Barcode Index Number (BIN)BOLD:AAE1212

Biology: This species is considered oligolectic on cranberry (Cane et al. 1996). Cane et al. (1996) described its foraging behaviour and nesting ecology. Graenicher (1905) indicated that nests of this species were attacked by the cuckoo Coelioxys funeraria Smith (as C. lucrosa Cresson) or a closely related species.

Distribution in Canada: Provancher 1888 [Canada?; misidentifed as M. acuta Smith, see Sheffield and Perron 2014]; Mitchell 1935b [ON], 1962 [ON, QC]; Sheffield et al. 2011 [ON, QC].

This species in uncommon in Canada [Payette 2013).

Body length: ♀ 11-14 mm


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Sociality: Solitary
Nesting: Ground
Pollen Specialization: Narrow Oligolecty
Wintering Stage: Mature Larva

Crop Preference: Not Available
Non Crop Preference: Not Available

Distribution: Ontario, Quebec
Ecozone: Boreal Shield, Mixwood Plains

Distribution Map