Scientific Name: Andrena angustifovea Viereck, 1904

Common Name: Andrena angustifovea


Andrena angustifovea Viereck, 1904


Species Notes

Though Viereck et al. (1904c) included A. augustifovea in their key to male Andrena in a treatment of bees of the Pacific North West, no specific information was provided in that work on the type material(s), including the number of specimens in the type series or the type locality. Cresson (1928) reviewed non-Cresson type material at the ANSP, including a specimen of A. augustifovea [ANSP no. 10,286] from Moscow, Idaho. Linsley (1951) and subsequent catalogues (i.e., Hurd 1979) have subsequently included British Columbia in the range of this species, suggesting other type material exists, even though we can find no further mention of this species in the literature. Although Linsley (1951) and Hurd (1979) did not assign this species to a subgenus, Ascher and Pickering (2018) place it within subgenus Simandrena Pérez and indicate three specimens (from Oregon, Idaho, and British Columbia); however, LaBerge (1989) did not include A. angustifovea as a valid species or as a synonymy in his revision of the subgenus.


Sociality: Solitary
Nesting: Ground

Crop Preference: Not Available
Non Crop Preference: Not Available

Distribution: British Columbia