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Anthidium maculifrons Smith, 1854


Scientific Name: Anthidium maculifrons Smith, 1854

Common Name: Anthidium maculifrons


Anthidium maculifrons Smith, 1854: 214 [♀].

     Holotype . USA [BMNH 17a.1870].

Anthidium cognatum Cresson, 1878: 109 [♀, ♂]. Synonymy by Schwarz (1928: 369).

     Lectotype , designated by Cresson (1916: 115). USA, Georgia [ANSP no. 2382].

Anthidium zamoranicum Cockerell, 1949: 448 [♂]. Synonymy by Griswold and Michener (1988: 38).

     Holotype . HONDURAS, Zamorano, altitude 2,600 feet, 17 January 1947, by R. Williams [USNM no. 58489].


Taxonomic Notes Schwarz (1928: 370) indicated that all the sepcimens from the United States described by Smith (1854) were from Georgia, which is supported in the range of this species recorded by Gonzalez and Griswold (2013: 317).

Distribution in Canada: Criddle et al. 1924 ["Western Canada" as A. cognatum Cresson, citing Cockerell].

This record likely represents a misidentification as Gonzalez and Griswold (2013: 317) record a distribution from Central America north to the southern USA.



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