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Andrena nivalis Smith, 1853


Scientific Name: Andrena nivalis Smith, 1853

Common Name: Andrena nivalis


Andrena nivalis Smith, 1853: 118 [♀]

     Lectotype ♀ [designated by Bouseman and LaBerge (1978)]. CANADA, nr Hudson's Bay [BMNH]

Andrena errans Smith, 1879: 55 [♀,♂‚] [synonymy by Bouseman and LaBerge (1978)]

     Holotype ♀. CANADA, British Columbia, Vancouver's Island, by Dr. Lyall [BMNH 17a1362]

Andrena convexa Provancher, 1888: 311 [♀,♂‚] (not A. convexa Schrank, 1781) [synonymy by Viereck (1907)]

     Lectotype ♂‚ [designated by Sheffield and Perron (2014)]. CANADA, Quebec, Cap Rouge [ULQC] 

Andrena semirufa Cockerell, 1900a: 407 [♀] [synonymy by Mitchell (1960)]

Andrena pluvialis Cockerell, in Morice and Cockerell, 1901: 154 [♀] [synonymy by Bouseman and LaBerge (1978)] 

Andrena solidula Viereck, in Viereck et al., 1904c: 191, 194; Viereck et al., 1904d: 222 [♀,♂‚] [synonymy by Bouseman and LaBerge (1978)] 

Andrena compactiscopa Viereck, in Viereck et al., 1904c: 191; Viereck et al., 1904d: 222 [♀] [synonymy by Bouseman and LaBerge (1978)] 

Andrena junonia Viereck, in Viereck et al., 1904c: 191; Viereck et al., 1904d: 222 [♀] [synonymy by Bouseman and LaBerge (1978)] 

Andrena argentiniae var. trichomelaena Cockerell, 1913a: 376 [♂‚,♀] [synonymy by Bouseman and LaBerge (1978)] 

Andrena idahorum Viereck, 1916d: 732 [♀] [synonymy by Bouseman and LaBerge (1978)] 

Andrena spaldingi Cockerell, 1934b: 3 [♀] [synonymy by Bouseman and LaBerge (1978)] 

Andrena nivailis Kathirithamby and Taylor, 2005: 11 [misspelling]



Kathirithamby and Taylor (2005) report this species as a host to the strepsipteran Stylops cornii Pierce.



Kathirithamby J, Taylor SJ (2005) A new species of Halictophagus (Insecta: Strepsiptera: Halictophagidae) from Texas, and a checklist of Strepsiptera from the United States and Canada. Zootaxa 1056: 1-18.

Sociality: Solitary
Nesting: Ground
Wintering Stage: Adult

Crop Preference: Not Available
Non Crop Preference: Vaccinium angustifolium

Distribution: Alberta, British Columbia, Labrador, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, Ontario, Prince Edward Island, Quebec, Saskatchewan, Yukon
Ecozone: Atlantic Maritime, Boreal Cordillera, Boreal Plains, Boreal Shield, Hudson Plains, Mixwood Plains, Montane Cordillera, Newfoundland Boreal, Pacific Maritime, Prairie, Western Interior Basin

female; lateral view
female; lateral view
male; lateral view
male; lateral view