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Atoposmia abjecta abjecta (Cresson, 1878)


Scientific Name: Atoposmia abjecta abjecta (Cresson, 1878)

Common Name: Atoposmia abjecta abjecta (Cresson, 1878)


Osmia abjecta Cresson, 1878: 103 [♀].

     Holotype ♀. USA, Colorado, by Ridings [ANSP no. 2521].

Hoplitis mesae Cockerell, 1930: 2 [♂]. Synonymy by Michener (1954: 43).

     Holotype ♂. USA, Colorado, Mesa Verge, 3-7 July 1919 [AMNH].

Anthocopa (Atoposmia) nigrior Michener, 1943: 54 [♀, ♂]. Synonymy by Michener 1954: 43).

     Holotype ♀. USA, Oregon, Grant County, Onion Creek Meadows, 7700 feet elevation, 18 July 1936, by R.E. Rieder [CAS no. 5170].


Taxonomic Notes: Hurd and Michener (1955: 99) reduced the rank of A. abjecta to subspecies; Atoposmia abjecta alta (Michener, 1936) was also recognized as a valid subspecies, though it is a pale form in southern California, USA (Michener 1936: 41; Hurd and Michener 1955: 99). Michener (1954: 43) indicated the the male initially associated with A. nigrior Michener was not that species (and likely represented an undescribed species), though the female was indistinguishable from A abjecta, hence the synonymy.

DNA Barcode Index Number (BIN): BOLD:AAM5524

Biology: The nesting biology was studied by Parker (1975) who indicated that it nests under flat stones, using dark masticated plant materials. It is likely that Penstemon is the main pollen source (Hurd and Michener 1955; Parker 1975). An unknown species of the cleptoparasitic bee genus Stelis (Parker 1975).

Distribution in Canada: Rowe 2017 [BC]; Sheffield and Heron 2019 [BC].


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Sociality: Solitary
Nesting: Cavity Renter
Wintering Stage: Mature Larva

Crop Preference: Not Available
Non Crop Preference: Not Available

Distribution: British Columbia
Ecozone: Montane Cordillera