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Stelis calliphorina Cockerell, 1911


Scientific Name: Stelis calliphorina Cockerell, 1911

Common Name: Indigo Cuckoo Carder Bee


Chelynia calliphorini Cockerell, 1911: 769 [♀]

     Holotype ♀. USA, California, mountains near Claremont, by Baker [??].



Cockerell TDA (1911) LXXXIX.—Descriptions and records of bees.—XL. Annals and Magazine of Natural History, Series 8 8(48): 763-770.

Sociality: Parasitic
Nesting: Cavity Renter
Pollen Specialization: Not Applicable
Wintering Stage: Mature Larva

Crop Preference: Not Available
Non Crop Preference: Not Available

Distribution: British Columbia
Ecozone: Western Interior Basin