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Ribes sp.

Scientific Name: Ribes sp.

Common name: currant

Plant type: Plant

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Associated Species

Andrena angustitarsata Viereck, 1904, Andrena ceanothifloris cretata LaBerge, 1980, Andrena cerasifolii Cockerell, 1896, Andrena edwardsi Viereck, 1916, Andrena hemileuca Viereck, 1904, Andrena laminibucca Viereck and Cockerell, 1914, Andrena mandibularis Robertson, 1892, Andrena milwaukeensis Graenicher, 1903, Andrena nasonii, Andrena nevadensis (Cresson, 1879), Andrena porterae Cockerell, 1900, Andrena rufosignata Cockerell, 1902, Andrena schuhi LaBerge, 1980, Andrena thaspii Graenicher, 1903, Andrena topazana Cockerell, 1906, Andrena tridens Robertson, 1902, Andrena vicinoides, Andrena wilkella (Kirby, 1802), Anthophora edwardsii Cresson, 1878, Anthophora pacifica Cresson, 1878, Habropoda cineraria (Smith, 1879), Lasioglossum cooleyi (Crawford, 1906)